How Agile Software Development benefits Companies and their Customers

Agile Software Development – Interaction Holds the Key

In the increasingly competitive world of software development, aligning to any one development methodology can be detrimental to the cause of any firm.

Every software development project has different fervor and needs to be dealt with differently. Inline with that selecting the right methodology or development psychology is of immense importance. Statistics have found though that a major section of the development fraternity tend to follow SCRUM or Agile principles for the majority of their projects. While any software development firm tends to maximize productivity and efficiency of their development process, these psychologies seem to deliver better results.

What is Agile principle?

The agile software development methodology primarily entails iterative and incremental production process. Cross-functional teams work on the various segments of a production pipeline, initiating unit testing in an effective and interactive fashion.

The various teams working on the project does not require to be in the same development facility either. Remote development facilities are a prime facet of the development psychology here. Statistics point out that this approach is vastly efficient in terms of checking project errors as well as augmenting the pipeline to the time synced needs of the client. A comparative study between the Waterfall method and Agile shows the difference. While the Waterfall method clocks in a project’s failure ration of 29%, agile principle clocks it at around 9%. The success ratio of the agile principle is also higher- 42 % as compared to 14% without challenge for the Waterfall version. Software development company aligns to this principle thus.
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What makes Agile so effective?

The need for any development psychology is marked by its efficiency and more importantly, its lucrativeness to the involved parties. Agile software development offers plenty of impetus to the client firm to get involved with the project at every juncture.

Agile theory initiates integration and testing in different segments of the pipeline and the client can have his decisive say at this juncture. What this makes sure is that the project runs on the specified areas throughout and does not fall prey to little setbacks. The demo release phenomena are another prime facilitator f error free development. The developed software is tested as a full release model in a secure environment and analyzed for bugs and other glitches. What follows is client final feedback and system testing. While all functionalities are complete the developed software is released. If the software fails to reach the bench-marked performance, the whole process of the iteration are starting all over again.

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The effectiveness of agile software development makes it lucrative for both the client and the vendor. Being involved in key juncture of development endows the client with the insights required to gauge the end result effectively. Advanced unit testing means without added expenses means that the vendors can make sure minimal glitches. In Agile, individual interaction is a set value observed and that provides the development procedure an indigenous proposition. It is imperative to say that all these makes agile principle a lucrative proposition for the involved parties.


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