How To Choose the Right Custom Application Development Company

App Development – A Surging Phenomenon

The application development market has been on an upward swing for the last couple of years and it’s showing no signs of waning either. With the smartphone generations inflating in rapid pace apps are finding prominence than ever before.

The increase in app users over the years has been phenomenal to say the least. In 2013 there were about 1.2 million app users worldwide. The number is projected to soar to a mammoth 4.4 billion by 2017. Asia Pacific is set to contribute to a growth of 32% (2013) to 47% in worldwide app usage figures. These numbers are effective to say that the app industry is set to experience steady growth in the coming days with more investments being put into place.


Cross Platform Apps: The Genesis of Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

While mobile platforms surged into the usage quotient ahead of the good old desktop it became evident that consumers will seek a similar user experience factor. What this necessitated are apps which have cross platform functionalities.

Research shows that about 2/3rd  of the prevailing app developers vouch for the fact that cross platform apps save cost and time to the tune 0f 30%. The cost-performance ratio is a key indicator of the effectiveness of an app and cross platform apps is endowed with a better ratio than their native variants.

Current Apps Statistics

In spite of their general effectiveness only a mere 5% of apps developed today are endowed with cross platform capabilities. There is a general consensus that cross platform apps do lack in the quality quotient. This is the reason that native apps still manage to garner much of the market share by default. The impetus thus is on the cross platform tool vendors. Effective communication of the tools capabilities will encourage more developers to take on the cross-platform apps bandwagon. Ina general sense the app economy will certainly benefit. The fad is slowly picking up among the custom application development company who are investing in cross platform tools.


Finding the Right App Development Firm

Finding the right firm to delegate the custom application development projects is as vitals the dieting of the app. Erring here does jeopardize the whole development process.

An industry insider will vouch for the simple parameters that one can look into to choose the right app development firm.

  • References
  • Request for proposal circulation
  • Shortlisting
  • Interaction
  • Project briefing
  • Budget and timeline settlement
  • Project assignment

It is advisable to be judicious about the selection procedure of the app development firms. Checking the certifications and demo projects are also important parameters before assigning a project. Project benchmarking also comes in handy to keep track of the project pipeline in an efficient fashion.


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