Why Should Asp.net be Preferred over PHP in Web Application Development

The Titans of web development- PHP and ASP.Net

The arena of web development is a fiercely competitive one to say the least! Newer technologies challenge the present trend-setters – and phenomenon have been such in the last decade or so. Apart from the obvious advantages that come with a new release in web development, it also gives rise to new rivalries.

In this context, it is important to project two fiercest rivals in web development today- PHP and Asp.Net. These two platforms have been on tenterhooks for long and has niche following in the developer fraternity. It is imperative to say that both of the platforms, out-pace each other in certain segments. This discussion deals with making a comparative study and picking a clear winner. While many insiders vouch for ASP.Net, the obvious question is- why should asp.net be preferred over PHP in web application development?

PHP Vs. Asp.Net

A head to head between these two platforms is always exciting, given the identical set of application that they often indulge in. To break it down, though we can look into the various parameters which are core to their functionality:

Development cost :

Cost is a major parameter comprising any comparison. In Asp.Net the cost involves Visual Express, which is a free rapid application development model. PHP on the other hand utilize IDEs more coding. The development cost factor tilts the game in favor of Asp.Net a bit.

Development time :

As ASP.Net involved rapid application development model, it naturally takes less time. PHP involves complex coding thus attributing more time to the development cycle.

Cross platform capability :

This is a tough fought parameter as both the platforms are adept in this factor. Rendering wise, they are indebted to HTML, but development wise ASP.Net nudges a tad forward due to its Linux integration.

Cloud hosting :

This is necessarily where Asp.Net enjoys a clear advantage. Both the platforms arecloud friendly, but Asp.Net also has the SQL Azure as the hosting platform.

Customer support :

The owner of the development has to engage with end users to increase the viability of the application. ASP.Net provides better leverage in this regard over PHP, by suing the Microsoft infrastructure to the optimum.

Security updates and fixes :

In the concurrent issue of data security, security runs high in his developers’ mind. ASP. Net provides a means for auto-update of security features trough streamlined channels. PHP on the other hand, though, requires manual update.

Language feasibility :

The ASP.Net structure can make use of different languages like C#, VB.NET, Jscript, etc. This gives the developers added impetus to experiment and add versatility to their projects. PHP des comes up short in this regard.

Big system adaptability :

This is the parameter that sets the tone of the comparison in favor OD ASP.net. While PHP is mostly used for small to medium scale projects, ASP.net in more adept in middle-large scale operations. In other words enterprise solutions are more viable with the use of ASP.Net.

asp.net Web Application Development

Given the obvious upper hand showcased by Asp.Net over PHP it is imperative to say that Asp.Net proves to be the stronger between the two and hence a better choice for the web development projects.


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