Prestashop: The Premium Platform for eCommerce

203,480 websites uses PrestaShop globally. Based on a public data shared by the company –  $31,432,500 of sales is generated through the platform everyday. The number of online portals have gone from 20,000 in 2010 to 1,10,000 in January 2012 almost 550% progress. The  growth  is persistent as everyday 250 online stores come into existence using the paltform in the ecommerce market.


Benefits of using PrestaShop, for ecommerce site are listed below:

In won’t be wrong to say that – “successful in business are those who care about customers and successful ecommerce platform is that which is meant for customers.”

The platform comes with functionalities that benefit any business owner who wishes to launch an online face of his business. While almost all the available options are same as any other ecommerce platform, but when it comes to the customer’s perspective PrestaShop is miles ahead of others.

For making any ecommerce store successful the chief ingredient needed is to have a fast size with prompt reply time. This with the visual part makes the purchasing experience memorable. Any worthy and experienced PrestaShop development company makes sure in offering the best for your business

From entrepreneurs point of view, some of the top points for opting the platform are shared below:

1. Free and open – PrestaShop comes for free making it hugely popular among the SBMs, not just this being a open source solution the technical knowledge is not much that important while generating business through it.

2. Search engine optimization friendly – Nothing is devoid of marketing strategy in the present business world. As an online business solution it offers high-end flexibility for SEO implementation. All the SEO activities can be performed for the enhancement of store’s web visibility and traffic generation.

3. Creative ‘Add to Cart’ button – When ecommerce site is planned, the ‘Add to Cart’ button is the place where maximum user attention needs to be drawn. The platform provides animated buttons to keep the effort of business owner one step ahead.

4. Hassle-free Integration and cheap maintenance – When someone plans an eCommerce portal the development, customization and maintenance cost needs to be calculated initially.  The integration part is really easy and customization services are obtainable at a very reasonable price.

5. More language more reach – Business needs wider reach and mass engagement. This is why the platform offers the advantage of multilingual portal. If you hire PrestaShop developer for creating your site, they will implement this feature if asked for.

6. Fast response and budget server –  The platform is light to download and use, also does not need any costly hosting solution resulting in site loading speed increase and money saving.

7. Free modules – Availability of free modules will help you set your store in minutes.

8. Free themes – Give your store desired look and that too for free with PrestaShop theme, what more do you need.

9. No training needed – Even a non-technical guy can understand the admin interface and make the most out of it.

10. Strong community – It has one of the most active communities in the eCommerce world and with rising number of users on daily basis the expectations are higher.

Now, that’s options aplenty! PrestaShop, no wonder has won hearts of innumerable modern ecommerce businesses worldwide.


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