Why Subscribe to the Services of an Indian WordPress Development Company?

It’s simple, its effective and its WordPress! Guess this much reason should be good enough for using the CMS – and so would thousands of businesses and individuals around the world using this prized platform would believe. Known as one of the well-accepted CMS in the world, the platform covered almost 62.53% of total CMS distribution in top million sites according to Built with trends.

But the much of the success of using it depends on the factor of how it’s integrated.

Why WordPress?

There are many facts that will shed light on the fact why WordPress is favored by millions globally. Technorati is one of the most popular blog platforms and a huge base of blogger makes use of the WordPress over there, to be precise the amount if 48%. This is not just the end of the story as almost 74.6 million websites make use of this particular CMS and keywords related to it is searched more than 37 million times per month.

You also might be surprised to know that the official site of WordPress gets more visitor than United State’s version of Amazon. The reason for its popularity can only be attributed to the factor that is has functionalities that are easy to understand for any web user no matter how non-technical they are. With growing number of plug-ins everyday it now has somewhat around 29000 in the list.  Enough about the core power of WP, now the focus must be shifted over to the development part.


The development demands experience

The founder of WordPress – Matt Mullenweg said lately that it runs 18.9% of the whole web. With such a huge faith on it the development part is very much crucial. When you are in the midst of using the CMS for your next web project, you should always make sure of hiring WordPress developers with proven track record.

The entrepreneurs often think that as it is a CMS and has a very user-friendly back end not much requirement of developer is there, but the fact is nearly not like this. Without the right understanding of the technical side of this CMS not much of customization can be done and this only is delivered by a professional developer.

Make no mistake but if you post a job regarding WordPress development you will get thousand knocks from people related to the trade. But, the best of the service benefits comes from hiring WordPress developers from India.

Why prefer Indian developers

There are several major points which have made the nation India very much prime spot when it comes to WordPress development. People seeking to get their project done looks for certain attributes and all those are sufficed by a reputed name from India related to the niche. Some prime perks that you are sure to get from them are as follows.

  • They have all the knowledge over the customization part and web interface logic for better web experience building.
  • They possess the know-how of user behavior and understand the search engine optimization need in blog integration part. This gets implemented in the real-time project scenario.
  • On demand they deliver customized WordPress plug-in development and add to the flexibility of the whole platform.
  • Last but not the least in the semantic era they are trained in making the website or blog built with WordPress mobile friendly.

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