What it Takes to Decide on a Software Development Consultant?

It’s about Ensuring the best Care

A survey of the US market reveals certain facts which put light on the global industry asset value variety. In the year 2013 an estimated 392,300 developers were there in the States and this is expected to rise up to 519,400. The job growth percentage is recorded to be 32% ad annual average pay $102,550. The hourly rate is somewhat around $49.

Among all the states of the country California is considered the best place for software development as average salary for an employee over there is $115,440 annually, highest in the country and hourly rate is $55. With so much in store, developers based on those parts of the globe are always in a much better position.

Does the entrepreneur feel the same way?


Hire outsourced help: It’s Not Just About the Cost-Competition, Anymore!

In general case a company seeks the help of an outsourcing company or when the in-house team does not have the skill-set required for the job. But, this is not the case always. People often calculate how much they are earning while doing business.  The thing applies for the case of IT company owners too, when someone tells them that the same quality can be delivered by someone for a merely $15 per hour rate they prefer software developer for hire from Asia Pacific Region.

There are more reasons for opting for this region as the maximum number of software developers in the world recorded in 2014 is from this part. The whole industry is shared by three regions namely America with 32.59%, EMEA with 30.39% and Asia/Pacific 37.02%. The maximum talent of this 37.02% comes from India as it is considered the prime hub of outsourcing.


When an entrepreneur gets all that he looks for and in almost in one-third of the price there is just few queries remaining in his mind and those are primarily concerning about the standard, delivery model, project management, experience, global exposure, team strength, technology know-how, QA, etc.  When all these factors are answered convincingly hiring is just a formality. For making the experience of hiring memorable some of the major factors are discussed here below:

Ask for past experience: Prior to the hiring make sure to ask them if they have delivered similar software requirement for the upcoming projects’ platform. Also make sure to know whether the company has their own knowledge base for optimum project execution.

Team experience: Stay away from those firms who do not share proper information about their team strength as without experience agile development process following team you might not be very much happy with result.

Detailed proposal: Proposal must not be just to impress and take you on board, makes sure to go through the proposal thoroughly and check for all the break-ups and delivery milestones as this document is your ultimate power while being in SDLC.

As a business owner, a software consultant is the able guide who can hand-hold your enterprise to situation that is profitable and lets you remain sustainably efficient.


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