What Role Does App and Software Development Endeavor Plays for your Business?

The 2014 buzz: A Year of App

It is estimated that 67% of global internet users are now making use of their Smartphone’s to access internet data and this made business houses think twice about this niche.  According to a survey about the projects of the highest profile conceived in 2014, mobile application deservedly secured the first position with a share of 33%.

With the changing internet habit and user base shifting to cross-platform applications more and more business owners focused their concentration over app development meant for all the platforms. Being in such a position they required the support of a professional team with all the expertise and that too befitting the budget.


The Outsourcing in Picture

The requirement of mobility solutions lead the business owners initially to their on-site developers, but with an hourly rate of average $45 it was too costly to go ahead with. This made the door open for searching of out sprucing service providing company related to app development. Having an Outsourcing index of 7.1 according to sourcing line India has been one of the prime name in application development outsourcing for quite some time. This makes it the first choice while thinking about signing a project contract of app development.

$12 billion share of the whole app development industry is catered by India, and this gives it a boost up in the list of potential outsourcing hub.

If facts are to be believed, according to Garner in the year 2010, the in-house development had a share of 93% in most of the countries whereas the outsourcing had a minimal share of 7% only, this is expected to go up to 75% and 25% respectively in the year 2020.


The Revenue Factor

Unless and until the revenue generation part had not been lucrative enough, such a fast development of this niche was not possible. It is being calculated that European app economy would reach a height of €63 billion by the year 2018 and it presently at €17.5 billion. Along with the business beneficial points the developers related to app are also the most benefited ones presently with highest growth rate in salary part globally. All these coming together have made it quite the buzz of the hour.


The Unique Benefits of Outsourcing: Visiting the Revisited!

When talking about a standard Indian app development firm, many a time it boils down to some very essential factors that regulate the success and failure of an app development endeavor. Here, below -listed are two such very important factors that may you decide on the efficiency of the ‘app expert’ you intend to partner.

a. Rich interactive wire frames: When someone is in the design phase a top-name offers real-time interactive wire frames by seeing which one can decide whether their live app would look as per their demand or not. This saves quite an investment and in the initial phase only gives the experience of live app and offers the end-result image to clients.

b. Mobile emulator usage: Once the process is complete there is not much one can do, a reliable name makes sure to deliver you with regular report of various mobile screen combativeness on every stage of the development while integrating each features.


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