Offshore Software Development: The ROI Booster!

There has been a myth prevalent in the industry about the kind of services that are primarily outsourced is related to BPO industry, but the truth is nothing like it. A data shared by a private survey group reveals that the maximum hiring of offshore talents is of computer programmers and software engineers with a percentage of 31.4% and 31.4%. The customer service part only gets outsourced 24.9% breaking the myth of highest number of BPO hiring.

The Outsourcing Excellence

The rising demand every year has never affected the outsourcing service providing companies to deliver the finest services. The leading hub for this service has to be India.


Why Outsource?

There was a survey taken up almost a decade ago in 2006, revealing that there are primarily 8 reasons for which people look to outsource their software development related needs. It is a known fact that offshore software development rates are quite lower than the on-site developers and so this one is really popular. 44% of the people considers the reduced production cost as the prime instigator behind outsource service hiring.

This is followed by 34% of people who believe that gaining access to IT resources that are not available in their team is also another major perk that comes with outsourcing. For making the internal team free from load 31% go for it and for improving business or customer focus 28%. Giving time over company reorganization is the target of 22% and for making the project execution time faster 15% prefers this option.

Managing a project in more effective way calls for gaining access to experts, if they are not in your team go for outsourcing. 15% even does the hiring for previously stated reason and last but not the least 9% for reducing time to market.

The Benefits are Quite a Few

Quite a few points add to the strength of this list. Lets discuss others points apart for general saving. Most of the startups seek the support of experienced professionals but don’t have the budget to hire full time; this gets solved with hourly hiring option of outsourcing service providing agencies.

You also be free from the hassles of maintaining a full-fledged team on your company’s pay scale. Also the project completion rate is quite fast with outsourcing as the companies related to this niche has their time proved delivery model which furnishes fast result. Another thing that can be added here is that innovation and a fresh perspective over your planning adds value to the execution.

Any standard outsourcing team comprises of consultants, developers, project managers, coders, designers, UX experts, testers, etc so no matter how big your requirement is getting the finest end-result is guaranteed.

Look over the track record of the company you are hiring as a regular basis of dependable solution providing is what makes it big in the industry. Do not take the final decision only based on the quotation of service as quality is the ultimate thing for success.


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