What are the Factors that Regulate the Cost of a Custom WordPress Theme Development Endeavor?

WordPress has been the undisputed ruler of all CMSs. Off later the share of WordPress has risen to 54% sharing with other like Joomla with 9% and Drupal with 6%. Knowing the feature richness of the platform many opt of going ahead with it and in the process look for in-depth customization.

In most of the cases customization starts with design, and gets wrapped up with functionality enrichment. In this write-up majority of the part does deal with the design part, its feature and pricing. With all the magnitude of WordPress being a client you must be aware of what you must get in return of hiring any team and for paying what amount of money.

CMS Preferences

The Internet ’s Power Performer:

This heading can rightly be associated with WordPress and there are tons of reason for that. With widest number of plugins, themes and features this one is always the loved choice of developers. When there is a call for innovation custom WordPress development is always there.

WYSIWYG editor being one of the most favored among non-technical guys as that gives them the freedom of updating the content in their site without depending on any developer. This one does not come with Drupal or Joomla.

But, this post is more about design perspective and most particularly custom theme development. The demand for custom theme is quite high among the clients and that is very much visible from a basic search in Google trends. The term ‘WordPress custom theme’ is much ahead of ‘Joomla custom theme’ proving once again the popularity of this CMS. But, when you negotiate with a design firm about a custom theme you must know based on what factors the price is determined and how much that can be.


The Factors behind Theme Design and Cost:

The design of any site defines it in the eye of the user in the very first go, and this is the reason nobody wants to compromise with it. In the case of WordPress there are tons of free and paid themes already available, but for those who seek more perfection and alignment with their brand DNA custom theme is a must. There are certain things on which the cost depends on and those are shared here.

  • Number of initial mock-ups: If someone is quite choosy and wants to get quite a choice to begin with several version of the theme will be given, but based on the number and quality the cost will keep on increasing.
  • SEO friendly HTML: Those seeking a solid start with their site’s structure desire this.
  • Browser compatibility: Designing a theme that is cross-browser compatible is the need of the hour and one of the most important elements in theme designing.
  • Responsive: If you wish your site to be responsive you need to go for it, and most of the firms charge quite an extra amount for this part exclusively.

Regarding the cost, a basic WordPress theme customization starts from $500 and can go up to $10000 based on the requirement. But if you hire an outsourced firm on hourly rates $12-$20 per hour is good enough.



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