Points to pay heed to while subscribing to Drupal Development Services

Drupal has been quite a big name in the list of CMS options worldwide. We all know that WordPress is having the highest market share of this industry and so quite a loyal base of users go with it. When it comes to Drupal according to builtwith.com in last quarter it has managed to gain quite a healthy market share as earlier around 53% of the industry share was with WordPress and less than 8% was with Drupal.

Drupal and its surging market share

According to a latest report released by builtwith only Drupal is now the second biggest CMS option with a share of 13.75% and has got 250k new websites using them. WordPress has fallen down to a market share of 42% and this might be the beginning of dominance for Drupla beginning from 2014. Quite of this new loyal fans are coming from enterprise background as White House itself used Drupal for their official website. Must uniqueness comes with its service line-up and hence a sneak peak is mandatory over those.


Another look at the growing popularity

Being said that enterprise level firms are the major ones adopting Drupal, it should also be added not all of them can be coming from that part or else this huge chunk of number would not have formed. In the whole of web 664,214 sites are using Drupal as their favored CMS option and this is just second to WordPress in number.  Builtwith shared this data sheet on the closing phase of 2013 and after that as discussed above quite a lot more sites have added in the list with a rise of marker share. Being discussed about the quality and feature richness of Drupal it’s now time for giving a look over the perks that comes with adopting it in any website or app of choice.


An exciting CMS Makes it Easy

The prime reason for making use of any CMS has been always to get a support which is user-friendly and non-technical. People always want to keep the control of their web site in their own hand and here is the need for CMS. Drupal has its unique share of benefits and hiring a genuine drupal development services offering agency makes one entitled to get those.

  • Abundance of functionality: This one has to be there or else Drupal would not have been able to give tough fight to WordPress. One does get all that he wants with the management part of the site. Features like user management and other integrals parts management such as polls, blogs, etc. does come with it.
  • No limitation over content: All types of content are compatible with the admin panel of Drupal namely textual, video, image, podcast and even statistics.
  • Plugin advantage: Innovation never stops with Drupal as any customization need can be sufficed with the right integration of plugin meant for answering that call.
  • Support: Getting stuck is a part and parcel of any development process and this is most welcome with Drupal community where every kind of knowledge sharing is done for complex development issue solving.

To begin with a project this much information about this highly robust CMS is enough, next thing that you need to do is to find a team and make sure that they have developers – and importantly a point of contact – who listens and understands your requirements and has the right know-how of Drupal.


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