5 Ways to Hire Best Offshore Software Development Company in India

Introducing Indian Industry

If you are related with software industry and particularly India, you must have heard about the forecast that in coming three years the export of software will increase to almost 13-15%. United States being the largest market of Indian software according to Everest Research, the growth rate can be estimated to be almost 8% annually. NASSCOM recently stated that in the year 2014-15 the new value of exports will raise to $99. If you include the domestic market also the whole industry worth’s almost $118 billion. All these points to a major aspect and i.e. growth wise India is unbeatable and quality always has been best in the class. Thus, with so much of benefit people will surely come for hiring the services. Question is, are all the companies as great as these suggest, or one need to know who are those good ones? In this write-up information has been given about various ways to know the right name for any software development project.


The Offshore Highlights

The offshore industry has always been luring businessman and entrepreneurs with the cost-effectiveness and quality on offer. India being the biggest name in this regards the search starts from here always. From eCommerce solution related to Magento to software development India is leading everywhere. Even through with so many benefits, not always the client finds themselves in a comfortable position. This is because of the poor judgment about the company hired. Thus, along with the demographic location the traits of a fine company also have to be known to the client seeking support. Being in a commanding position such as this one can take the right decision and benefit in the process.

Among the major benefits of hiring offshore software developers in India experience at almost one-third of price in comparison to United States or European market must be highlighted. In other things you will get a team which will be working on your project when your in-house team is taking rest. This means 24/7 your project is going on. Transparency and honest opinion sharing for benefit comes with any Indian IT company. To get a genuine second opinion about your idea the teams from India can be counted upon the most. They have a tendency to keep on sharing their thoughts if they find they it might help you. Also, stretched working hour means more production. In most of the offices the working hours comprise of long periods giving access to your hired team. You will get utmost flexibility for the company and this will let you control the project flow of your software development the way you like it.

Tips to Hire Offshore software Development Company in India

Among the many let’s share the essential ones which will help you in picking the best staying away from worse.

  1. Always make sure to go ahead with a company that follows contact milestone cohesively while delivering. Also, a genuine authority does not charge extra for anything apart from contract. Thus, firstly check whether the whole of development cost, test and maintenance are included.
  2. A genuine company always will have an impressive portfolio for showcasing.
  3. A company with right work approach will never say ‘yes’ to a project without going through its scope.
  4. 4. A fine software development company does have professionals meant for every stage of execution and not any lone ranger. You must have a UI designer, developer and tester.
  5. The price will be competitive, but will not be anything silly from the house of outsourced Indian company.

While the above tips will surely help you finding the right partner, the statistics give you a fair idea about the whole outsource industry of India – and take steps accordingly.


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