Top 5 ways to reduce IT cost with Microsoft dynamics CRM

Facts from Microsoft Convergence 2014

Microsoft Dynamics does not have to prove anything being the best CRM in the world, but for establishing its authority further and for showing the reason for that to the users is essential. Very recently Microsoft Convergence 2014 took place and there some of the most fascinating facts came out. There are 4 million users globally using it. Among that huge number 40k are direct customers. It has a considerable share in the overall CRM industry, which is 80% to be exact. This fact in itself defines its authority over the niche. Forrester and Nucleus CRM have labeled it as the number one CRM option present in the world today.  All these and many more features tell the prime reason why so many customers around the world are using it today. It increases organization efficiency and has been seen to develop better customer retention rate. Let’s go dipper and see in how many more ways it is making difference to the IT industry.


Know what customers believe in

It has been found that 86% of customers do pay more for better customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers just that bringing more customers for your business. There are 70 million parature users with over 3000 commercial brands making use of it. With free social listing online customers with more than 10 or more CRM licenses keeping the pace alive is always easy.


Making the process simpler and organized

IT company often is heard about facing tough times managing and this is due to lack of organization as a whole. Microsoft CRM is known to control the cost of maintenance and saves quite a fortune.  Unless and until you have a system which knows how to handle or eradicate unnecessary costing nothing helps your business.

Saving on expenses, the Microsoft way

Every organization has certain set of work which must be performed on day to day basis. This CRM helps to make all those being operated in the most organized manner bringing out the best in them. This not only adds to the productivity but also saves unnecessary spending from various corners.  Thus, Microsoft CRM comes in the scene and offers to save cost in the following ways:

  • No extra serve or licenses is required for using it as it runs on Microsoft products which are already present in most of the organizations system. Every company does have a Windows server or Microsoft SQL based server and one can integrate the CRM with it. This cuts down on the cost considerably. This is again a very strong reason for its popularity.
  • The power of ERP is boosted to quite an extent using it as it can be integrated with outside data sources.  The sources can be any web based service or application and no extra cost is needed to integrate and operated it.
  • No extra training needed for operating it.
  • The day to day reporting tasks becomes much easier with it. This adds on the productivity, generating revenue.
  • It works perfectly with Microsoft Essential Business Server. This lets any business owner to access the entire IT infrastructure for monitoring.

The list of possibilities includes many more modern business and process-specific ingredients that make Microsoft CRM one of the best available CRM solutions – by leaps and bounds! To make the best use of the available options, however, you need an expert developer by the side.


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