Top 5 Emerging Trends in software Development


The first phase of 2014 has passed and we have witnessed a lot of changes to happen in the software and app development industry – for good. Mobile being the new face of technological spree and big data being the next buzz word; we can easily anticipate that this industry is growing bigger and better than ever.

Companies looking for futuristic innovations have been making headlines by setting trends and so we are going to discuss about trends a little in this write-up. A small fact shared by CDN about highest profile projects for 2014 suggests that almost every part of software and app development be it mobile or custom app are making great advancements and promises to keep up the pace.


emerging trends

The 2014 trends as we know them

Nothing is stagnant in this technological space and so is not the process involved in it. The SDLC that was followed few years back is now considered to be obsolete. People praising the server environment few years back are now taking the flag of cloud. So, everything’s happening at the right time and at the right moment.

Let us now discuss about some of the biggest trends in the technology seen lately:

  • Development now favors client-end: The age of sever based applications are coming to an end and clients are preferring browser based applications. This is being witnessed in many industries such as aviation, retail, etc.
  • Lesser complex business apps: Enterprise applications used to be complex. But the new age UI consultants are making usability the prime point to cover.
  • Multiple integration scope: One single software cannot have all the elements in the world, and hence the capacity to integrate itself with other platforms becomes a must.
  • Mobile the new address: With more than 70% global Internet users being predicted to be moving to mobile by 2016, everything are now being made mobile compatible.
  • Cloud friendly: Centralization of data in cloud is a hot favorite among every technical hub of recent time. This is making the access and presentation of the data much faster to the right person at the right time adding more value to business.

With the all these and more,till the end of the year we can expect lot other things to come forward. Freshness, innovation and uniqueness are what we see in new age technological advancements.

We now are living in the age of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device); thus people are keener to use cross platform applications than just web applications. HTML5 is making a solid fan following with its protégé in as bootstrap. With the passage of time it is more adaptable with unique business case scenarios.


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