What makes Laravel the most robust web application framework in PHP

PHP in 2014 and the Way Ahead!

Last year has been quite a ride for the PHP community with lots of happening towards the end. The PHP framework market has been gifted with more options than ever. With more and more framework options present, opinions started to pour in about which one is the fittest of all.

SitePoint conducted a survey (published in a PHP weekly) about which framework is most favored by developers and the results were decisive. One thing to keep in mind about this survey is that most of the answers were not considered fit.

This is because quite a few used one or two frameworks only and had no idea about the scopes of the rest; also some of them gave a general reply going with the flow of the survey. The result only highlights the answers of all those who have seen the best of all the options.

Nothing astonishing came out of the survey and as expected Laravel stood out from the rest with a share of 25.85%, followed by Phalcon with 16.73% and Symfony2 with 10.62%. The fastest growing framework of last year i.e. Yii fell down to fourth position.


The Survey Shows a Trend

After discarding all the spam answers, Laravel was the answer. While going through the survey report, some major points came out which showed why the developer community favors Laravel so much. The ease of value entry has to be the primary reason. Developers in the present industry engaged in PHP web development prefer Laravel because of the finely drafted documentation and ease of implementation which comes with this framework. Above all, the community support helps the development process majorly.

Laravel & PHP: better bonding

This framework is known for its syntax which is elegant to say the least. Taking the hassle out of the development process has always been the prime focus of this framework and they have been successful in doing so. Most of the web projects involve authentication, routing, caching and sessions. Laravel makes sure that all these gets finely executed in the simplest of way. There is no question about compromising with the functionality part when they say they are here to make things simple. Apart from PHP, the framework can be implemented in other languages such as Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, and Sinatra as well. The migration process is by far the best experience when someone uses Laravel.

All the reasons shared above are good enough to explain why this is the best framework option for PHP. Along with all those, some other points can also be considered.


There is no reason to depend totally on a survey report while choosing your framework. However, with all these fine features and flexibility, Laravel is the framework that is expected to see more market share in the coming years.


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