Google Merchant Center : Best shopping module on PrestaShop

Google Merchant Center serves as a useful tool to enable online merchants upload their products data to Google, thereby making it available for Google Shopping besides a host of other Google services. It’s quite a useful shopping module using which eCommerce business owners can attract highly qualified visitors to their online shops. Let’s go deep to know more about Google Shopping to have a better understanding of Google Merchant Center.


Understanding Google Shopping Basics !

Google Shopping provides an easy way to shoppers to find their product listings quickly and easily on Google. Currently, Google Shopping is available in countries like US, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, and the Czech Republic. If you are a seller, following are the advantages Google Shopping brings to you –

Draw more potential buyers: It enables you reach your potential customers while they are looking to buy items on Google.
Control your product information: It allows you maintain your product information’s accuracy and freshness, thus allowing your customers get the relevant products they have been looking for.

A Host of Benefits Come Packed for Online Merchants…

Google Merchant Center is an amazing shopping module that allows online merchants increase their opportunities of getting excellent rankings on Google Shopping. It further also reduces the time that will be spent to have all of your products accepted by Google.

Google Merchant Center is indeed the best shopping module on PrestaShop and you need not hire a PrestaShop developer for using its full set of features. It has a 4.5/5 rating owing to the several advantages it offers compared to other modules that itself speaks of its incredible usefulness for online businesses.

Features Making Google Merchant Center Actually the Best…

Google Merchant Center is totally compatible with PrestaShop 1.5 multi-shop feature and offers support for multiple feeds for different countries, currencies & languages. Its also compatible with multiple feeds for different countries that do share a common language but do not have the same different currencies. Moreover precise management of different currencies between your PrestaShop website and your product feeds is also possible with Google Merchant Center.

It offers comprehensive set of features like multiple images, apparel specific options, product identifiers advanced management etc., are compliant with several requirements of Google. Most importantly, you have absolute control over the products that you want to send to Google that further eliminates the need to export your complete product catalog to Google. Considering these incredible features, it would not be wrong to say that Google Merchant Center is the “Best” shopping module.


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