How to Optimize your WordPress website with dynamic sidebars & widget logic

Those dealing with WordPress may be having a fair idea about dynamic sidebars and widgets. Its not a mandate to hire a WordPress developer for optimizing your WordPress website as the same can be done with help of widget logic and dynamic sidebars.


Using Dynamic Sidebars & Widget Logic  to Optimize WordPress website

Quite small modules or snippets, widgets can be positioned either into the sidebar or in in some other widgetized area straight away from the WordPress website. Its from the backend of WordPress that different standard widgets can be found. A free plugin for WordPress, Widget Logic works with widgets in an exclusive manner. Its a quite handy plugin which when installed adds an additional option for each widget, thereby allowing you to define where should the widget be exactly. You can leverage this amazing tool to have particular content on different parts of your website.

Points to Take Care of While Using Widgets

But there are few things that you must ensure doing prior to using any of the widgets.  Initially, you need to define a specific widget area at any point in your WordPress theme. In your dynamic sidebar, you can make use of normal widgets as many times as possible. You can easily add content as well as HTML code, as per requirement on your widget area by making use of several instances of text widget.

As maximum default widgets are not quite powerful, its not possible to customize them. Also, there are no more options for bespoke CSS classes. In order to position a single image inside sidebar, you can do two things; either use a particular image widget or simply the default text widget. A problem that can arise in this case is that the code generated by the widget will be much more than what’s needed for the image. An effective solution to this is a custom widget.

More development time is needed for an advanced widget compared to what it takes while making use of the same PHP function in the sidebar file. If you require a simple widget only once inside a widget area then you can use a simple code for showing a simple image. Also, there are other solutions available as well that enable you create widget elements of your own. One of these simple methods is to create suitable short code for the HTML structure that you require to have in your sidebar.


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