RESTful Services with web framework for ASP.NET developers

In this high end era of technology, its expected that online products & services should support various browser based devices such as tablets, laptops and mobile devices. Developing & maintaining different versions of a web app for different devices is an old phenomenon now. Nowadays, the modern developers don’t focus on different versions of an app. Its becoming a common tendency in the developers to adhere to a unified approach that enables them manage single server-side code base that uses a RESTful web service in order to communicate with different client-specific interfaces.

How RESTful Services Impacting the Scene…

Over the years, software development has been changing with passage of time. Software applications have become more distributed with the rise of Cloud and smart devices. Standards are essentially needed for building distributed environments and HTTP is the most common protocol forming the foundation for world wide web. Built on the top of HTTP standard, REST services become the first choice for interoperable services. Although REST is more inclined towards web and HTTP, its principles hold valid for other distributed communication systems as well. REST relies moreover on the concept of relation.

RESTful Services Using ASP.NET Web API…

There are different API available in various languages for the purpose of creating and consuming REST services. The ASP.NET Web API allows for easy creation of REST services. However, professionals who are involved in ASP.NET web application development have to understand the fact that while creating REST services, they must adhere to the rules & standards of the HTTP protocol. If one is not aware of the REST principles, then one may create a service that only appears RESTful but actually is a SOAP-REST hybrid service.

Earlier known as WCF Web API,  ASP.NET Web API was lately merged into ASP.NET MVC 4 beta. It comes with its own controller Apicontroller. REST services creation demands for Apicontroller that helps in returning data. You can use it to build a simple service that allows management of one’s daily tasks. One of the most important things to do prior to creating any REST service is to firstly identify the resources in the app and then map the corresponding actions done over them to HTTP methods & addresses.


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