7 reasons Why PHP is still Preferred over most of Framework Technologies

PHP website development has been on a roll and its the high-end features of this amazing development framework mainly responsible for the same. There are a number of reasons that make PHP a preferred language compared to the different development frameworks that are available these days. Developers use it owing to following reasons –

1. Quicker Loading Time : Site loading time is quite crucial in regard to keeping a visitor engaged in your site. A site’s slow loading speed causes the visitor to look into some other site to get the required info. PHP counters this issue quite effectively. It results in quicker website loading as PHP codes run faster compared to that of other development frameworks.

2. Open Source Advantage : Most of the tools related with PHP are open source software; thus you need not spend a single coin from your pocket for them. However, for other frameworks like ASP, there may be a mandate requirement to buy extra tools for working with the programs.

3. More Transparent & Less Abstract : PHP is simpler, more transparent and less abstract compared to other frameworks. It is especially useful when one wants to know what is going on with the code.

4. Least Expensive Hosting : PHP also leads the edge when it comes to monthly hosting charges. All that it requires is running on Linux server; which is made available by a hosting provider at no extra charges.

5. Database Flexibility : PHP is very much flexible when it comes to database connectivity. It offers easy connectivity to a number of operating systems & databases, MySQL being the most used one. MySQL is available for free. It also supports 700 useful functions that enables developers counter mail delivery, error handling etc, thus reducing the coding troubles to minimum.

6. Value Added Features : PHP is also referred as the best framework for adding considerable value to a website. It allows you create value added features like live chat, direct calling, email etc., in your website without any trouble. It further allows you get custom web apps for your website so as to meet the specific requirements of your customers.

7. Responsive Aspects : Adding considerable responsiveness is yet another special feature of PHP that make it stand distinctive from the available frameworks. Its because of this specific nature of PHP that it should be used on websites requiring interaction.


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