Know the Must-have Tools in your SharePoint Development Toolkit

A number of SharePoint development tools are available in the market nowadays; this makes the task of equipping your development toolkit quite easy. Some of these tools are made available by Microsoft; while there are many developed by third party developers too. Depending on your requirement, you can choose to have any or all of these Sharepoint tools for your project. Here, for your convenience, we bring to you a list of SharePoint development tools that professionals engaged in SharePoint development in India & abroad must have in their kits.

Sharepoint Development Company

Visual Studio: A highly complex Integrated Development Network (IDE), Visual Studio (VS) is a necessity indeed for your project. Knowing the standard process for employing VS, you can easily create custom SharePoint applications. Multiple amazing features of VS make it a highly desirable tool in your development kit; following are listed a few of these –

  • Web Performance – Capacity planning in SharePoint development is highly critical when more & more number of platforms (like PeopleSoft, SAP, Lotus etc.,) have been integrated into the portal. Bottlenecks in the system are easily identified with the help of this feature.
  • Performance Profiler – This feature performs a thorough analysis from start till end. It also helps detect the code blocks that cause the app to slow down.
  • Productivity Power Tools – It aims at boosting developer productivity by facilitating development efforts.

Developer Dashboard: It performs SharePoint page performance monitoring; quite similar to the ASP.NET tracing process. Its default mode is Off; however, Windows PowerShell, STSADM, or SharePoint Foundation object model can be used to change the same.

Firebug: It offers following benefits –

  • Editing HTML & CSS in-browser (on the fly as well)
  • Ability to see the active CSS rules and accordingly work with box model
  • JavaScript console & debugging support; best for jQuery
  • Seeing server requests along with download performance

AjaxControl Toolkit: A library of Ajax-enabled controls, AjaxControl Toolkit includes 40+ controls; namely Auto Complete, Calendar etc.

Microsoft Code Analysis Tool .NET: This amazing tool inspects the custom code against vulnerabilities like SQL injection, cross-site scripting etc. Its more commonly known as a secure-code-analysis tool.

LogParser: One of the most effective, standard practices for recording resource and application-specific data is logging. With LogParser, you can analyze text-based logs quite systematically.

NetMon: Capturing & analyzing the inbound & outbound traffic is quite crucial if explicit package study is intended. NetMon is moreover a network traffic analyzer tool that helps you evaluate network traffic on the network adapter.


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