5 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid in Custom Web Development

A skillfully developed interface enhances user experience to peak levels; hence almost every developer aims at providing the best possible interface to customers. Its also important as the success of any web application to a large extent depends on the excellence of usability aspect associated with it. However, due to non-compliance with the right development standards, there are a number of issues arising in the functionality that make the users feel confused & irritated.

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Over the past years, users have become more demanding and hence complicated interfaces never become their cup of tea. It thus prompts developers to create scalable, secured web apps with easy-to-understand interfaces by using the right approach to custom web development. It also demands for avoiding all common mistakes of bespoke web development that most developers are almost committed to commit. Let’s take a look at 5 of these mistakes.

Making it More Complex: Most of the times you may forget that you are creating the interface for users, most of which may not be tech savvy people. So, even if you make an odd interface by chance, you must also provide some integrated means that educates users about using it correctly. Also, avoid making common functions more complex as they would only confuse the users.

Altering Crucial Navigation Elements: Changing positions of crucial elements of navigation may make users confused & annoyed. Scattering the essential buttons throughout different places is never desirable from the user perspective. So, don’t force users to search for the vital elements here & there; rather provide the elements in one place where users have no trouble to reach.

Confusing Error Messages: An error message is bound to pop up when a user makes a mistake while using a web app. However, if the error message gives no clue to the user what to do next, its a huge mistake from the development point of view. Users like to get a clear direction on how to fix the issue rather than getting bombarded with codes & numbers, and this is something that must be understood by every web developer.

Providing Different Competing Options: Users may feel lost with different competing options as availability of such options only increases complication. Redirecting a user to the same point by completing a specific action on different pages must be especially avoided.

Underestimating Spam Issue: Considering a web application to be prone to spam is one of the biggest mistakes of bespoke web development. Using captcha to counter spam issue is fine enough; however, focus should be on devising more effective ways for handling spam.


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