Scalability & Performance Comparison Between PHP and ASP.NET

PHP is indeed one of the most popular scripting languages for web developers working across the globe, thus taking the scene of PHP programming in India and abroad to a real high. Somewhat similar has been the scene for ASP.NET that serves as a useful tool for developers to building web apps. Both of these programming languages are used in creating large web applications and simple-to-complex sites and so neither of them can be said to be impractical and less-efficient. However there are few differences that may impart PHP an edge over ASP.NET or vice versa.

A Brief Overview of PHP and ASP.NET

PHP denotes Hypertext Pre-processor. Its a scripting tool that has quickly gained prominence owing to its long list of promising features. More than 244 million websites currently have PHP installed at present. WordPress and PHP are some of the popular sites built using PHP. It is backed by a massive developer community that works day & night to make it more purposeful for users. Being open source really adds up to the brighter side of this versatile programming language.

A successor to ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET is developed by Microsoft. As an easy-to-use scripting tool, .NET provides serves as a useful framework in the hands of developers. One of the most significant aspect related to it is the use of any .NET supported language for coding it. Its also one of the reasons why ASP.NET is a hot favorite among developers. Add to that Microsoft’s domination of web browser market and you are good to understand the worth of this Microsoft developed language. Have a look at the trend of these two popular programming languages.

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PHP versus ASP.NET – Scalability & Performance wise Comparison

Though PHP and ASP.NET bring a lot of development-friendly features; there are certain points of comparisons where these come head-to-head. Consider for example the scalability aspect; both of these programming languages are highly scalable but the extent of scalability depends on the skills of developers to scale their application effectively. Its well-known that scalability mainly depends on programmer’s experience, adherence to programming guidelines & standards etc. So, both of these emerge out as equal winners in this sphere.

Also much of debate has been revolving around the performance of these wonderful programming languages. Web application speed measurement depends on several factors that should necessarily not effect the speed & performance of most websites. Also,performance of web applications is a function of server, database and script. PHP based web apps follow the LAMP stack that has been extensively optimized for better performance.

A very minor difference exists between a PHP+MySQL stack and ASP.NET+MSSQL stack, though PHP+MySQL emerging out as a winner. Also, there is a good chance that a PHP web app running on Linux host will outperform a similar ASP.NET app running on Windows host.


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