Which e-commerce Software Solution is the Best for your Business – How to Decide ?

Online business is on a roll these days & why not; the ease & convenience online shopping brings in the life of customers is commendable. However, the  ease & convenience we are referring to here to a large extent depends on the beauty & functionality of your online store – which in turn depends on the choice of e-commerce software you make.

What Makes Choosing All the More Difficult ?

Choosing the right one among the available e-commerce software solutions for building a fully-featured online store is a big challenge for businesses these days. Lack of proper know-how of the related concepts is something that makes the situation all the more worse. Consider for example – the difference between e-commerce software and shopping cart software. Both these terms are used interchangeably at times; however, there is a marked difference between the two.

Typically, an e-commerce software is a complete package including web design, website hosting, processing payments, setting up storefront, marketing, security etc., to set up your online store. Whereas, a shopping cart software is handy if you want to set up your products, services & payment processing features in your already existing website. So, you need to know this difference to decide what is exactly needed.

Another situation would be to decide whether you actually need an e-commerce software or not. Several avenues are open these days for selling products online – including sign-up with major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay etc., to list your products under a reputed storefront name. However, if you have decided to have better control over your online business, do not want to share profits with any marketplaces or want to simplify operations; go for your own store.

Simplifying Way to Choosing your E-commerce Software Solution…

Having decided to invest in e-commerce software, you need to go for an out-of-the-box solution that syncs well with your online business needs. Simply going by the popularity or market share of an e-commerce software may not always be the right approach for finalizing.


Moreover, following are a set of questions that you need to find answers to before finalizing on an e-commerce software –

  • How easy is the software setup & use

  • Can it be customized as per my business needs

  • Can it automate work flows while ensuring an excellent customer experience

  • Can it boost my profits with marketing tools and features like abandoned cart reminders

  • Do I need to be concerned a lot about its maintenance

  • Are there any limitations on the service part like limited number of transactions per month

  • Is it compatible with any third party business solutions

  • Is it feasible to integrate it with my physical store’s data, resources & operations

  • Does it provide adequate security measures & encryption techniques to keep my customer’s data safe

  • How good is the data back up

Having got satisfactory answers to all of the above questions for a particular e-commerce software, you can proceed ahead to finalize it for building your online store.


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