Top Free Drupal Modules that Make Site Management Easier

Drupal is a big competition to its counterparts WordPress and Joomla as it offers a great solution for people who want to build websites that are feature-enriched. Technically sophisticated websites are easier to build using Drupal and this is one crucial point in favor of Drupal.

Its quite common nowadays to see businesses hiring a Drupal development company to get websites based on the Drupal CMS; however, what’s more crucial is to have more ease while developing & administering your website using this awesome CMS. A number of add-ons are available for Drupal developers that render the task more simple. Let’s take a look at the modules available.


1. Backup & Migrate – Its certified for Drupal versions 5/6/7 and is available for free. Quite easy to use, this module allows you to set up scheduled backup at per your will while it also becomes feasible to fire off a back up as per will.

2. Context – Many pages of a website should be uniform while there are other pages that should have their unique feel & look. Typically, the home page should look a bit different from the standard content page. You can also conceptualize context as one of your website’s sections. In form of this module, you get an effective way to set page appearance, while eliminating the need of looking more into Drupal’s theme-management tools.

3. Custom Contextual Links (CCL) – Its a time-consuming task to move around the administrative tools in Drupal 7. So, having a menu command that appears on that context menu in form of shortcut would be quite helpful. For this, you can go for downloading the Custom Contextual Links (CCL) as it allows you have better
control as site admin.

4. Delta – Its a free module certified for Drupal 6 that allows admins configure theme settings on basis of context, node types or groups of paths. With help of Delta, you can create custom themes for context whenever needed. Both Delta and Context have similar interface; thus creating & editing templates in Delta is similar to that in Context.

5. Display Suite – It is a free module certified for Drupal 6/7. Display Suite module allows you to apply custom layout settings quickly & effectively; settings can be applied in individual content nodes or to the complete website. It also allows you tweak the positioning of content node elements. Most importantly, you get pre-configured layout settings when you use Drupal 7.


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