A Look at the Future of .NET in India

A highly popular web development framework from Microsoft, ASP.NET has indeed revolutionized the way web developers create web-based solutions. Its the .Net Framework, Visual Studio IDE and a couple of other technologies that make up the ASP.NET platform. Prime components that form this framework include CLR and the .Net Framework class library.

Also, as different programming languages like VB.NET, C# .NET are supported by ASP.NET, web development becomes easier & easier. There are a number of reasons that make this web development framework the most sought-after for software developers in India and abroad.

What Future Holds in Store for .NET Development in India ?

Definitely, for a web programming framework as useful & practical as ASP.NET, the future ought to be good, be it India or some other country across the globe. Focusing simply on India, it can be said that the level of enthusiasm for .NET is high in the market.

ASP.net Developers

PHP stands as the biggest competitor to .NET due to a number of reasons, one of the most common ones being its open source nature. ASP.NET has though been the base framework for some of the most popular websites; its popularity in comparison to PHP has been quite clumsy. Following figure gives an approximate measure of ASP.NET’s market position in terms of traffic & popularity.

.net development services

However, whether PHP or ASP.NET, which programming framework to go for depends to a large extent on what the market desires. If ease of programming is the decisive factor, then both of these frameworks have their own set of pros that puts one over the other under different web development situations. It would be also right to say that ASP.NET usage is by far becoming the choice for classic web development while PHP is paving the path for modern web development. To be very precise, the future for Microsoft’s .NET can be considered to be in a win-win situation.


One thought on “A Look at the Future of .NET in India

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