Best Development Tools for you to Code Better in PHP

A server side scripting language, PHP allows for creation of highly efficient web solutions. Millions of website have been developed using this exceptional web development framework and many more are in the process of development. Its true that PHP development needs some good practice and loads of concentration besides some handy tools to make the process easier. PHP development tools make it easier for web developers across the globe to create handy web solutions in a handy manner.

Clients across the globe are especially looking to hire dedicated PHP developers that are conversant with all tricks of the trade. A good news is that a number of tools are released for PHP developers every month. So, its quite essential for you to keep track of the newly released tools that can make your web development tasks a lot easier and your projects successful. Here, we have compiled some of the best tools for PHP development. Take a look –

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Direct us – Its indeed among the best content management frameworks coded in PHP. Its advanced feature-rich environment allows developers execute rapid development. This open source framework is extremely hassle-free to use for almost everyone, not just web developers.

PHP-CPP – Its a C++ library that allows development of PHP extensions. Developers can easily build native PHP extensions by employing its well documented, easy-to-use classes. Indeed, the extension development process is rendered magically simplified with the help of PHP-CPP library. One of the best aspects related to its use for extension development is that your code looks perfect.

Parsedown PHP – A parser for Markdown, Parsedown PHP parses Markdown text in the way its intended to be. Initially, the texts are divided into blocks. Further, it looks into how the blocks start and in what manner these relate to each other. In the end, it identifies inline elements using special characters .

Forp – A lightweight PHP extension, Forp provides your script’s full stack including CPU and memory usage. Being non-intrusive, it does it works using PHP annotations. It allows you make you own UI very easily besides allowing time measurement, function memory allocation and do lots more.

Faker – You can very easily fake data using this PHP library. Following can be done using this PHP library –

  • Bootstrap your database

  • Create awesome XML documents

  • Fill-in your persistence

  • Anonymize data derived from a production service


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