Best Practices for Building Secured Windows Store Apps

Customers must have confidence in the Windows apps they use and this should be the primary goal of a Windows 8 app developer. It must be ensured that Window 8 app development leads to apps that satisfy the end user while building the necessary trust as required. Its worth mentioning here that this confidence comes from a number of sources.

Window 8 app developmentYou need to ensure that the customers gains confidence in your app as apps nowadays hold a variety of information ranging from important customer data, financial records to personal photos – all of which are quite significant for the user. When you go for implementing security best practices into your Windows app, you are actually preparing to keeping them delighted. You may not find employing security best practices into your app. A set of useful APIs, controls, and various tools are available with Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 to keep possible app vulnerabilities as well as common security problems far away. Let’s take a look into the ways in which you can ensure better secureness in your Windows apps.

Compile your App with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 – If you just do this, more than half the work is done. Performing this compilation enables the security technologies that essentially protect apps from various attacks. So, do consider compilation of your app with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

Keeping the App Capabilities to Minimum – Allow your app to run with the minimal privilege necessary and this can be made possible only when you define what minimal set of capabilities are actually required by your app. In this manner, your app will be less vulnerable to exploitation.

Remove File Based Capabilities – This action is also based on the concept of minimizing your app’s capabilities as described above.   If only a few files are required by your app then allow the users to use file-picker to select those files. And as the file picker remains consistent across different apps, it will be easier for the users to get familiar with the dialog on using your app for the first time.

Validate Files and Other Relevant Data – Several apps create & load files as well as provide means for data import. Such data is not reliable and hence should not be trusted. Apps that necessarily open files, import specific data, or do accept shared content need to validate the content before actually acting on the  same.


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