How iBeacon is changing the future of online shopping

Apple’s iBeacon transmitters are all set to drive the next level of innovation. A large number of retailers have already realized the opportunities empowered by iBeacons. Think of a customer who walks into a store and starts exploring a specific product, eventually heads towards the exit without making any purchases. Apple’s iBeacon has made it possible to send a push notification to the customer’s mobile phone with an exclusive offer that could turn the customer take another look at the product & buy it.

This way iBeacons technology can be used to track the consumer behavior and understanding their response to certain store layout or sales. Many companies these days are already tracking customers with the help of their phone’s Wi-Fi connection as they visit stores, however the technology hasn’t been really successful as it doesn’t provide the precise tracking information over small distances. The information provided by iBeacon technology is much more precise which has made it possible to deeply analyze the customer behavior. Based on iBeacon tracking data even small size retail stores can make a little changes to the store’s layout for increased sale.
iBeacon Implementation on iOS

Changing the payment landscape

The next big step in the retail store is revolutionizing the payment process. Though NFC was a promising contender earlier for updating the in-store payment process, but outperformed due to issues with battery drain and hardware compatibility.

With iBeacons, all you need is a phone that supports BLE. From that point, iBeacons can precisely determine the phone location. With iBeacon you can track easily the things like who is in front of the cash counter and initiate a transaction with them.

iBeacons offer customers a more streamlined experience

For the consumer experience, iBeacon technology is more about proximity than location. With iBeacon, customers can find and watch videos, receive offers, coupons and various other discounts – that’s all in real time. Basically, If you use a store app which has integrated iBeacon, you can receive directions to a specific product you are looking for, also see where other sales for a similar product are running, or discover a better deal as you walk through the store.

iBeacon Implementation

Companies want iBeacons for the big data

iBeacon technology has empowered businesses as well as retailers to analyze customer’s behavior. Imagine the opportunity for big data at this point — a business can find out customer’s micro-location, what they are looking for, how long they are looking for a product, and much more. This way, stores can send visitors a personalized messages and try to convince them for purchase with some offering.


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