New and improved features of CakePHP 3.0.9

The most recent rendition of the CakePHP highly secured and reliable with the release of CakePHP 3.0.9. It is another latest innovation of CakePHP that well equipped with the bset performance and lots of bug fixes quality.

The innovative and certified professionals of CakePHP have launched CakePHP 3.0.9 with the bunch of qualities for all, who is using CakePHP controlled sites. This release comes with the extensive improvements and bug fixes to make your site more reliable, user friendly and secured.

CakePHP Development

Let’s have a look some of the significant features of CakePHP 3.0.9:

Built with the Bug Fixes Quality:

  • Delicately updated API documentation.
  • The meridian valued are now taken care by Date time validation.
  • Updated pagination link formation with the custom routes.
  • Permission to utilize Object Registry keys.
  • “Clean” will demonstrate all objects that exist subsequently to perform the event called afterSave.
  • Better Text::tokenize() meets expectations remarkably, especially when the utilized separator is portrayed as a multi-byte.
  • Marshalling_link data can be taken care of fittingly through this release in belongs to many associations alongside the current entities.

Built with Better Improvements

  • Collection can without much of a stretch, perform serialization and un-serialization, which makes the whole catching accumulations hassle free.
  • If debug=0, there are no more exceptional features logged.
    Response::body() permits callable, with the goal that it can echo the content.
  • String formats now acknowledge “_” and “.” in variable names and enlarge the clusters’ similarity by means of Hash::flatten().
  • The bindKey() can be characterized and this specific section will permit you to link the associations with non-essential key segments. The purpose of the acquaintance of this component is to remove the necessity of characterizing foreignKey=>false.

The professionals at CakePHP Application Development Services India, are well familiar with this release and utilized its enhanced features to accomplish each minutest specification of their esteemed clients at cost effective manner. In the event that you need to update your existing CakePHP propelled site into CakePHP 3.0.9, then you should employ experienced PHP developer who has adequate knowledge of CakePHP 3.0.9 version. CakePHP Application Development organization India bolstered by professional designers, who are dedicated to rendering the utmost quality solutions within scheduled time frame.


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