5 best PHP tools for testing and debugging

As an expert PHP developer, you should be acquainted with the ideas of Testing and Debugging. Hire PHP developers in India, who  utilize a wide range of testing and debugging utilities that can make your  life easier.

Hire PHP developers India

List of some PHP tools and utilities for testing and debugging:

Cucumber: It allows developers to write tests in basic English and after that, execute them in conjunction with tools like Watir, Selenium, or Mechanize within an internet browser. In spite of initially written for testing in Ruby on Rails applications, Cucumber can be utilized with numerous standard programming dialects, including Java, Python and PHP.

SimpleTest: It is automated testing solution, which like PHPUnit permits developers to write unit tests utilizing the PHP syntax. Furthermore, SimpleTest also offers some special features like web interface testing, including the capacity to test validation and Web forms. SimpleTest’s easy to understand way to deal with testing keeps on acquiring the framework accolades among numerous individuals of the PHP group.

Test-driven development: It is extremely popular nowadays. By focusing the part of testing too much that tests are created close by the application code. Developers are always encouraged to consider the various ways in which errors or unanticipated outcomes can occur. Therefore, they likewise write tests to ensure their application doesn’t succumb to those errors.

The PHPUnit testing framework offers PHP coders an awesome solution for doing TDD, offering a comprehensive solution for organizing, writing and mechanizing tests. Consolidating this tool into your day by day development routine can increase your productivity. This test will affirm that the account controller’s login activity can acknowledge a valid email address and specific password, verify the account, divert the user to the site’s landing page, and lastly affirm that a valid user session exists.

Xdebug: A great part of the time you spend testing and troubleshooting will include snort work that obliges you to review the state of your application at different phases of execution. Native PHP statements, echo and var_dump, checking the contents of an object can rapidly turn into a muddled issue because of the absence of rational formatting when the object contents are output to the browser. Introduced in minor minutes, XDebug PHP extension can incredibly upgrade the readability of this data by changing how array and object contents are output to the browser.

FirePHP: It allows you to effortlessly log messages and other information hailing from a PHP script. This can be enormously valuable when debugging Ajax-driven features, or when you just need to assess the contents of an object or array without having to more than once embed and erase echo or var_dump statements.


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