Top 7 Software Development Risks

Software development and its maintenance may be a challenging task. Most business owners believe  that hiring a software developer from the leading software development organization is more reliable and cost effective rather than development of software with the help of in-house professionals. But, sometime hiring a software developer from proactive Software Development companies in India also hurt your business and its negative impacts harm your entire business operation and development process.


Here, we will discuss about the top seven risks involved in software development: 

  1. Inherent schedule flaws: Software developers and project managers, estimate the development time for each project. But scheduling and estimating the unique nature of the project is a tiresome task.  So, you need to monitor running projects consistently, and put your experience and efforts, whenever required.

  2. Understand all the nuts and bolts of projects and its requirements: When a project is in progress mode, hurdles and issues that are not observed earlier can create mind boggling issues to meet deadlines. So, before starting the project, understand its all the nuts and bolts and make your project success plan accordingly.

  3. Employee turnover: Normally, a large number of developers are working on a single project. During the project progress, if any developer leaves, he/she may take crucial information with him/her, and the project may be derailed. So, make sure you have resources, where team members can coordinate and share information.

  4. Provide incomplete requirements: Sometimes developers and coders get incomplete information from client end and initiate the first phase of integration and coding, when clients received initial version of software, they find various drawbacks inside it. So, such unclear or incomplete knowledge transfer leads the last minute hurdle for software developers.

  5. Evaluate project appropriately: Some project is lengthy and so required more time for its development, but developers evaluate all the projects equally. As a result, sometimes, they are not able to complete the project within a schedule time frame. So, it is important to set a realistic schedule, and stick to it.

  6. Incorporating irrelevant features: Some software professionals like to show off their skills and experience by incorporating unnecessary features. This is just wasting of programming hours and it leads the failure your project deadlines.

  7. Unavoidable and Unanticipated hurdles: These risks include changes in government policy, the elimination of software or other sudden risks that cannot be controlled or imagined. As the software development field is becoming more and more complex, you need to prepare yourself to face any sort of challenges. It is vital that software development organizations focus on proper strategic planning to manage such risks adequately.


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