Top 5 Website Designing Tips to Impress Your Customers

It is now a well known fact that customers tend to purchase more from retailers who customize their shopping experience over all possible channels. In addition, most of the online customers get disappointed with sites when the item that is shown has nothing to do with their needs and hobbies. It is therefore clear that a customized site is an additional benefit to drive a fruitful business today. One must go for best website development India as it is efficient in all respects such as cost, quality & satisfaction. Below are 5 major tips for business owners to expand & improve the conversion rate through website customization:


  1. User experience should be evaluated from the visitor’s frequency of visits:

    A person visiting the site for the first time will quite often be searching for various information than somebody by the site more than once. To improve the conversion of first-time guests, do incorporate a telephone number or place of work, a contact form to catch leads, or a demo instructional video to clarify an item or service.

  2. Unite Online and Offline Marketing Together:

    The trick to know the site access location of any customer is a game wining aspect for marketers. The user experience can be customized as per the geographical area information. This makes more chances of re-visits to a website.

    For instance, a person looking to buy a mobile nearby his/her area is more likely to be converted as a customer if he/she finds a wave-off coupon along with a shop address.

  3. Change Content As Per The Time Zone:

    Replacing a phone number accessible to site visitors during business hours with a contact form in off-hours. This will certainly prevent missing out a major opportunity for potential clients who need to get in contact outside of business hours.

  4. Leverage Special Occasions & Holidays:

    This is an extraordinary approach to customize a site and better associate with a client’s opinion. This has a positive effect on user engagement. For example, changing the site theme with lovely hearts on Valentine’s Day is sure to impress the existing customers as well as the new ones.

  5. Track The Source of Website Traffic:

    Knowing the initial destination source that a person has entered a site from, truly needs to be tracked so that a well planned strategy can be made. Like, offering a coupon or gift could possibly be a smart thought. This can be a step further in impressing your customers with a customized experience.


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