Great Tips For Developers Who Are New on WordPress

WordPress is a web software that is used to create a wonderful website, blog, or an app.  Its extensive features and exclusive designs create a huge possibility for both designers and developers. If you haven’t switched to the WordPress yet, then, need not to worry, it’s never too late to switch. If you’re a developer, and planning switching to WordPress, here are some crucial factors  to help developers new to this world accepted platform.

 wordpress website development

1. Knowledge of PHP Coding: If you are new in WordPress designing, then major hurdle that you can face it, is PHP Coding. The developer having good knowledge of HTML and CSS can easily write the PHP code. But, if you are a novice, then you need to learn the nitty and gritty of PHP before becoming a WordPress developer.

2. Be Familiar with the WordPress Themes and Functions: Once you get familiar with the basics of PHP coding, the next step you must understand is that the structure of a WordPress theme and its functions.

3. Explore the WordPress based CSS: If you’re a web designer, then surely you have some knowledge about the CSS. The knowledge of your CSS can be reused in WordPress. The CSS you know from static sites is similar you will utilize with WordPress. However, there’s also WordPress-based CSS you can’t do without. If CSS is really tough for you, then there are drag and drop frameworks, also. But, if you want to develop real designs, then you can’t do it without manually coding CSS.

4. Utilize the Existing Themes: One of the finest methods to learn WordPress design is by examining the existing themes. You can pick a specific theme from the bunch of the existing themes and apply it and test it. Theme that best match with your requirements, you can apply it finally on your WordPress website.

5. Connect with WordPress World: WordPress is constantly changing, and if you want to stay on top, then you need to read a lot about it on a regular basis. The new WordPress versions are being released at regular intervals. There are lots of new plugins and themes which you can follow and utilize.


WordPress is the most renowned CMS platform on the web. However, if you really don’t like working with WordPress, then there’s no point forcing yourself into it. But, if you feel the WordPress is the best option for you, then switch on this platform. In the website designing industry, WordPress developer India is using WordPress for creating a world class website.


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