How to Build a HelpDesk Web Application Using ASP.NET?

Customer support is an anticipating system that provides technical support to the end users instantly. All the software and web development companies need to cater such services to develop a good reputation in the market, and earn new customers’ consistently. This service is quite easy to implement and make the positive impression in the eyes of their prospective as well as existing customers’. Customer helpdesk system has some outstanding features which define its efficacy and advantages:

ASP.NET developers india

1. Customer Support Portal: Well known application development platform, ASP.NET develops a user friendly helpdesk application, where its users are able to self-registration, submit their queries and more. Additionally, you can integrate it into your existing website.

2. Knowledge Base: The knowledge base (KB) is an information source-house for any business, through which the customers can search and find the appropriate solutions for their issues. With the help of the KB that include instructions, demos and examples you can easily redirect the users towards the content they want. You can also link the images, content and save files for download in the database.

3. Email Integration: It caters a great option to monitor multiple email accounts and help to import incoming emails as Tickets. With the help of an email integration, you can easily report and resolve multiple problems via an email conversation.

4. Custom Forms: With the help of this user helping application system, you can create an effective HTML forms, and submit data directly into it. Additionally, you can also utilize a complicated process by using javascript, jQuery and Ajax. You just need to create a form and post it to WebSupport or Customer Support Portal.

Here are the 4 installers that you need to set up your Helpdesk:

Basic Install: Initially, download the Basic Installer. It’s setup will install the Desktop Client and create the database. Once it’s installed, it can be used with the help of SQL Server. But, if you don’t have SQL Server, you can install it by downloading the SQL Server Desktop Edition.

Customer Support Portal: For this, you need to download WebSupport. Once it is downloaded, you need to install it on the IIS Server. For running the Setup, you need to put up the name of SQL Server, where you installed the database.

Knowledge Base: For knowledge base (KB) setup, download IvKB, and install it on the IIS Server. Once it is installed, you can add to the articles, in the Samples\Knowledge Base project with the help of Desktop client, which will automatically reflect in your Knowledge Base.

Email Integration: For Email Integration, download IvMonitor and install it. It is a Windows based Service that can be executed on any running computer and most of the people put it on IIS or the SQL Server.

These crucial steps will guide you in the installation of the ASP.NET Helpdesk. If you have any confusion regarding the server, installation process, and database design, then you should take the help of web application development services for creating and managing this application.


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