3 Essential Tools For ASP.NET Developers

ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework that is designed for web development & solutions. It has various useful tools, which help developers to build faster and more effective application, which can be used on regular basis. Considering the market trends and developer requirements, here are the 3 tools which you can use it on a regular basis for impressive project development.

Asp.net Web Development

1. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

As a core part of software development, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is one of the most efficient tools that is used by the developers on a regular basis. The default IDE for ASP.NET developers is Visual Studio, which has an excellent feature required to develop, test, and debug web applications. With the support of the tool, you can focus and remain in the IDE, as well as easily write code, instead of working with multiple applications.

2. Version Control

The risks of neglecting version control within your written documents and development projects, you will realize that much of the time is wasted in recreating the previous versions, when a simple adjustment would have been enough. The version control enhances the quality of the project, as it offers an easy-to-use command line interface, great website/ tools via GitHub, support across multiple platforms, and tight integration with Visual Studio.

3. Browser Development Tools

Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and all other browsers provide their own tools for building web applications. It is really important that you choose any one, and get to know it inside and out. The browser development tools provide an option to scrutinize every part of a web page based on CSS, JavaScript, DOM, resource files, etc., and offers a JavaScript console. Also, you can transform the CSS and other elements, and can get an instant preview without touching the source.

Honest Mentions

Another most usable framework for building web applications is a Bootstrap framework. It is a free and open-source framework that possess a wide collection of tools for creating websites & applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates and JavaScript extensions. It is  aimed to simplify the development process of dynamic websites and web applications.

Other important tools which developers can regularly use for ASP.NET development are Fiddler for debugging HTTP requests, Internet Explorer developer tools, Firefox’s developer tools, LINQPad, BrowserStack, etc.


ASP.Net is one of the best frameworks that aimed to simplify the development process of web application. If you are looking for the ASP.Net based web application, you can connect with any of the ASP.Net Website development Company, and avail their services for your project.


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