Top 5 Game-Making Tools For Creating Android, iOS & PC Compatible Games

When it comes to Game designing and development, it requires enhanced knowledge of programming language. Whether it is an experienced game developer or a beginner, they need to learn about Java, ActionScript, C++ and other basic programming languages for developing 2D games. Over the years, the industry has come up with numerous game-making tools for making the games development easy. These tools do not require any coding, as they have a simple drag-and-drop interface, graphics editor, an event system, a level editor, behaviors, special effects and other toolsets that make game development easy and compact. Through these game making tools, the developers can easily create and publish their games for iTunes, Google Play Store, and various other app stores.

Game App Developers

Top Game Making Tools

1. GameSalad

GameSalad is one of the most popular game-making tools which is frequently used by the gaming developers. It has various excellent features including visual drag-and-drop interface, completely integrated physics engine, a huge behavior library, etc., which makes game development really easy. Once the game development process is completed, the developers can test their game by using the app’s amazing previewer.

2. Stencyl

Stencyl is a portable game studio that provides an excellent range of toolset as well as extensive platform support for their users. It is one of the major game making tools which did not required any coding and provide the finest drag-and-drop interface. Stencyl provides an extensive platform for the developers to write their own code, import libraries, customized classes and develop any type of game. Even with this gaming tools, the developers can create the Flash games for free of cost, and can publish it at Google Play, Windows, Mac. and iOS. Due to efficiency, the Stencyl gaming tool is used by the global Flash Game development companies.

3. GameMaker: Studio

GameMaker: Studio is the best gaming tool for rookie developers. Through this software, the developers can easily import animations, character sprites, fonts, and can create games simply. Moreover, GameMaker: Studio has shader effects and Box2D physics engine support through which the developers can easily create attractive, interesting and high-quality physics-based 2D games .

4. Sploder

Sploder is an exclusive online app for PC that allows rookie game developers to use a wide range of tools to create web games. Through this gaming tool, the developers can easily create arcade games, space adventures, shooters, platformers, etc. It also has a separate physics game creator for developing the physics-based games, as well as a graphics editor for developing pixilated characters.

5. ClickTeam Fusion 2.5

ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 is the latest game making tool that comes with event editor system which helps developers to create various games with limited programming knowledge. It also has an Android export module, through which the developers can take advantage of Box 2D physics engine and publish their games and apps to the multiple platforms.


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