Symfony vs Laravel : Which PHP framework to choose?

Website development is really a challenging job and becomes even tiring specially when it is required in the minimum possible time. That is why website development experts, as well as business owners, are more likely to utilize PHP development frameworks. Although, there are various PHP frameworks available, but Symfony and Laravel stand out amongst all of them due to some extraordinary features. This brings in the topic Symfony vs Laravel , Which PHP framework to choose?

PHP development India


Symfony has great potential and robust features to manage large-scale projects. It is a stable PHP framework that helps the experts to create professional websites that are flexible to constant changing business needs. It can work effectively with the topmost open source platforms such as PHPBB and Drupal.

Some noticeable features of Symfony:

  1. This framework has multiple scalability options. With the help of optimizing tools, you can minimize the number of queries and avoid using temporary arrays. It offers high scalability.
  2. Once you developed your site using this incredible framework, then its speed is the sum of the individual speeds of all the included features. Normally, the execution time of Symfony framework is faster than other available PHP frameworks.
  3. It is truly adaptive and offers optimum level performance. Symfony2 is introduced with HTTP and HTTP cache. Also, it can enhance your website performance by allowing extensive use of advanced features like ESI for separating the various sections of your page or application.
  4. It caters reusable component to decrease overhead expenses. There are many reusable components that can be utilized in the development of a brand new website.


Laravel framework is specially created for the development of MVC based applications. It is an open source PHP framework and world accepted for the finest web development efforts.

Major key benefits of using Laravel framework for website application development:

  1. It helps with enforcing constraints between various database objects with the use of an advanced query builder mechanism. It also offers an effective version control system.
  2. The framework is developed with an auto-loading system and does not require manual maintenance. It also helps in developing advanced tools with the help of an IoC container.
  3. Database authentication is much easier with Laravel framework. You just need to create database migrations, quality controllers, and models to make the system work efficiently.

Conclusion: When finally deciding on the development framework, you must analyze the specific functionality of both these frameworks and understand legitimately how they can be utilized within your own web development assignment. Either you choose Symfony or Laravel, you must hire the PHP development in India and get secure, fruitful, and cost-effective solutions for your business.


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