3 Crucial Ways To Boost Your PrestaShop Store

Be it an online store or brick and mortar store, perfect marketing skills matters for both. While accelerating the growth of a brick-and-mortar store, it requires a foolproof marketing approach such as building solid customer bonds with a welcoming attitude, but the game changes completely when dealing with an online store.

PrestaShop Development

Digital marketing can do miraculous things and make your advertising efforts more impressive. You can build great customer bond through fostering customer relationships on social media sites and store’s design attributes. It can be optimized for maximum conversion and helpful to generate more business revenue. Let us explore these measures in detail and understand how these are crucial for a PrestaShop store:

1. Enlarge your Market Through Word-Of-Mouth Recommendations: A customer having insufficient knowledge about your product and services always prefer to check your social proof before making any deal from your store. A positive recommendation for your store and store products go a long way in developing this much-needed social evidence. By implementing PrestaShop modules such as testimonials and product testimonials, you can develop user testimonials for your online store and its products.

2. Build Customer Loyalty: Using the potential of virtual mediums such as social media and e-mails., you can build robust relationships with your customers. Some crucial ways to build customer loyalty are:

1. Always send an apology e-mail, when customers received their product after the expected date of delivery or when a customer finds a product out of stock.

2. Sending personalized thank you messages to a new customer. AfterMail module of PrestaShop empowers store owners to deliver such emails to customers automatically upon a purchase.

3. Saying thank-you to some specific customers over social media platforms.

4. Empower your customers to refer a product on various social media platforms. PrestaShop supports the Facebook and Twitter Referrals module that allows users to do the same effectively.

3. A/B Testing: User-interface design and customer-oriented features are always important in the success of an online store. A green buy button has more potential in comparison to red buy button and a multiple-page check-out option could discourage your targeted customers to make a final decision of purchasing. You would really have to test design attributes to figure out which one is beneficial in order to increase the number of product purchases. By deploying the A/B testing on your PrestaShop store, you can find which version of a design element performs better for your store.

If you are looking for an expert PrestaShop developer, then you must hire from a renowned PrestaShop development company having long years of expertise in this arena. They have a large pool of professionals and able to implement all the aforementioned measures with the deployment of relevant PrestaShop modules.


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