Kentico CMS (Version 10) – A Leap Towards Easier & Effective Web Management

Kentico CMS has surpassed several enterprise CMS systems due to its impeccable demand in the web industry. This content management system has widely impressed many businesses and continues to win the hearts by serving the high-quality web service and support. Kentico CMS is widely used to manage and support multilingual content and it can easily build customized websites and organized web pages. This CMS has powerful search engine optimization features, that can create highly optimized websites. Kentico is a highly flexible platform that also supports mobile websites and is highly useful for document management, online marketing tools, multilingual websites, multisite management.


Containing 40 modules, 340 configurable web parts and source code also, this CMS is one of the latest version in the web industry. With its latest update from version 7 to version 10, the developers have become more equipped with the plethora of amazing features.The built-in editor enabled in this CMS provides creative and highly useful tools to create and edit content in a highly efficient way. Kentico automatically provides the images of the required dimension to get fit on the web pages. One can easily upload and publish music and videos on the web page based on Kentico platform.

The Kentico CMS platform is enabled with a large range of impressive functionalities such as allowing the users to login via facebook and creative live ID accounts to provide authentication to the visitors to the web page. One can easily integrate custom payment gateways on the Kentico based website. Kentico also provides the ability to build and develop different rich features such as blogs, navigation, booking systems, repeaters, grids, Wikis, polls, e-commerce, maps, online forms etc. This platform can easily fit into any kind of business or service. This platform has carefully served the demanding needs of several big clients such as Microsoft, Guinness, McDonald’s, Vodafone, Gibson and many more.

A web development company with its many years of experience in delivering high-quality web development and app development projects has a skilled web developer team who is well acquainted with the latest insight pertaining to the Kentico development. This Kentico development company in India has the dedicated team to develop Kentico based appealing website with such amazing features that will make you feel stress-free while you will be managing your website.

Conclusion – Kentico has been upgraded from version 7 to 10 with latest features embedded in it. With the latest features, this CMS has gained wide popularity among the leading businesses or services. With its high-end demand, the need of a reliable Kentico development company in India has been felt to a great extent.


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