Helpful AngularJS Modules for Efficient Web Development Services

AngularJS is a Powerful web development platform. It is an open-source web development tool that software developers can be used to simplify the cross-platform development. AngularJS is backed by world’s most popular search engine, Google. This platform is one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks commonly used for enterprise level web development projects. The platform is loaded with various modules and offer robust web development environment.

AngularJS Development Company

1. Angular UI: Angular UI is a companion suite for Angular.js. It’s mostly a combination of graphical & user interface and specially focused on how things look and perform. This is truly important in order to organize information and work on projects into a specialized format that users will conclusively find enjoyable to use.

2. File Upload: It is a lightweight directive tool, and has great ability to upload files on the server quickly. It can be installed on a user’s interface and allow users to drag and drop content they would like to upload into their assignments. It utilizes an ajax call for this specific functionality.

3. Ng Table: It is a sorting and filtering table that can be used to integrate a large list of information. This table can be easily tracked in order to get various information with great ease. Ng table facilitates a bunch of features like variable row heights, customizable pagination, and much more.

4. Formly: It is a module structured directive that enables users to customize forms that were originally developed in JavaScript. It has great potential for handling forms, and it’s one of the finest form configuration tools.

5. Restangular: Restangular is a robust module that works amazingly with the rest API in the Angular framework. A huge number of website developers have faced various sort of challenges while using the $resource and $http when trying to use the rest features of Angular. In this environment, the Restangular module is a perfect choice in order to self-support because it can bridge among various elements of the Angular.

6. Loading bar: Any animated content is not supported by JavaScript directly, but using the potential of some frameworks and extensions you will get the amazing capability to introduce such sort of contents to JavaScript projects. Angular loading bar is the finest module that introduces a fully-animated progress bar to the projects that you’re developing. The best part of this module is that it functions dynamically.

Angular has great potential to deliver the world class web development solution. Professionals of AngularJS Development Company are highly preferred this widely used framework, as it offers tons of modules in order to deliver fully-functional website for global clients.


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