What Makes Drupal A Masterpiece Platform For An Enterprise Level CMS Solution

Drupal is specially developed for the powerful content management system. It has a multitude of features that make it unique and famous amongst other CMS solutions. The Drupal platform is written in PHP language and launched under General Public License. This platform has no licensing cost which has become the topmost reasons why businesses choose Drupal for developing their custom made websites and other enterprise scale web applications. The Economist, NBC, and BBC are some famous websites based on the Drupal content management system.

Drupal-Development-ServicesThe Drupal platform has the largest community support of developers, who work together and provide quick support at the need of hours. The Drupal platform is loaded with a large number of noteworthy benefits like endless scalability, free extensions, affordability, rapid execution, powerful security features and more. Moreover, the open source nature of Drupal CMS is truly customizable to meet the personalized needs of enterprise scale businesses.

Incredible benefits of Drupal powered CMS solution:

Powerful user management: A web admin can create new user accounts as well as establish their permission rights. Users can be categorized into several groups and can be assigned specific privilege accordingly.

Loaded with marvellous functionalities: Drupal has a lot of functionalities. Advanced menu management, graphics alteration tool, users management are some unique functionalities of Drupal. These are truly helpful for the developers to create simple or enterprise scale websites, forums, social networking pages, etc.

Supports various content types: New generation CMS, Drupal allows the creation and management of various content types like videos, text, blogs, podcasts, and others.

Instant Support: On the Drupal website, there’s a great documentation, well-prepared discussion forum, chat and mailing list. You can explore plenty of information and solve your Drupal CMS development query quickly.

Undeniably, Drupal is a perfect choice to create a feature rich website or an eCommerce store. A perfect Drupal development company India will help you in developing a professional website and integrate only time-tested features to your site.


Top 5 Benefits Of Drupal Web Development

Drupal is one of the topmost names in the content management system. It offers a large number of benefits and that’s the reason it is used by millions of users across the sphere. This platform not only offers the effective administration facilities, but also incorporates multiple tools and techniques. The best part of this content management system is that, it is open source. It is written in PHP code, and so it is very cost effective when it comes to developing a website using it. Drupal development company shares the benefits, why you should adopt Drupal for website development:


Easy to Handle…..

When you will compare Drupal from other content management systems, it seems difficult, however, once you understand the nuts and bolts of this amazing platform, then you can do practically anything with the site content. This is quite different from other available content management systems, where a comprehensive knowledge of all the complexities of the site have to be created before the webmaster can have complete access.

Open source Code ….

It is open source and allows the developer to alter the existing source code away from the template and develop something fresh and unique each time. This is an amazing platform for website owners who are highly interested in developing unique brands. As per the business needs and requirements developers can modify the website appearance and facilities, these are the additional benefits of Drupal.

SEO Oriented….

Among all the available CMS platforms, Drupal is highly SEO oriented, because it can be altered very efficiently. Sites hosted with other available platforms have specific templates that do not support personalized modifications, and so optimization is a tedious job. But, websites developed with the power of Drupal offer enormous flexibility, and can be easily modified for SEO perspective.

Mobile Friendly…..

Drupal is also good for Mobile users. Whether you have an eCommerce site or a blog site, it would be appreciated when you use Drupal over any other available CMS. Mobile users explore sites that are on Drupal platforms in the same way in which Desktop users do.

Effective Administration Services…..

Drupal offers various tools and techniques, which you can use for effective administration of the platform. A large number of tools are available for structuring the site according to your whim. Whether you are developing a friendly path urls, or simply creating an eye catching content for your site, you can do it effectively. Additionally, you are also able to define roles and facilities for different members of your staff using Drupal.

Top Free Drupal Modules that Make Site Management Easier

Drupal is a big competition to its counterparts WordPress and Joomla as it offers a great solution for people who want to build websites that are feature-enriched. Technically sophisticated websites are easier to build using Drupal and this is one crucial point in favor of Drupal.

Its quite common nowadays to see businesses hiring a Drupal development company to get websites based on the Drupal CMS; however, what’s more crucial is to have more ease while developing & administering your website using this awesome CMS. A number of add-ons are available for Drupal developers that render the task more simple. Let’s take a look at the modules available.


1. Backup & Migrate – Its certified for Drupal versions 5/6/7 and is available for free. Quite easy to use, this module allows you to set up scheduled backup at per your will while it also becomes feasible to fire off a back up as per will.

2. Context – Many pages of a website should be uniform while there are other pages that should have their unique feel & look. Typically, the home page should look a bit different from the standard content page. You can also conceptualize context as one of your website’s sections. In form of this module, you get an effective way to set page appearance, while eliminating the need of looking more into Drupal’s theme-management tools.

3. Custom Contextual Links (CCL) – Its a time-consuming task to move around the administrative tools in Drupal 7. So, having a menu command that appears on that context menu in form of shortcut would be quite helpful. For this, you can go for downloading the Custom Contextual Links (CCL) as it allows you have better
control as site admin.

4. Delta – Its a free module certified for Drupal 6 that allows admins configure theme settings on basis of context, node types or groups of paths. With help of Delta, you can create custom themes for context whenever needed. Both Delta and Context have similar interface; thus creating & editing templates in Delta is similar to that in Context.

5. Display Suite – It is a free module certified for Drupal 6/7. Display Suite module allows you to apply custom layout settings quickly & effectively; settings can be applied in individual content nodes or to the complete website. It also allows you tweak the positioning of content node elements. Most importantly, you get pre-configured layout settings when you use Drupal 7.

Major Qualities a Professional Drupal Developer Must Have

Drupal is not just a software, its a complete content management system with a difference. Personal blogs, enterprise applications or other web related services you may require, with Drupal everything is made possible in a matter of seconds. Moreover, its possible to build almost any site using multiple modules and add-ons that this amazing CMS brings to you. Following figure shows the market share of Drupal compared to WordPress, Joomla and others.

drupal developers india

If you have been looking for experienced professionals engaged in Drupal development in India, you will find plenty of them. However, developing Drupal sites can prove to be quite a challenge for developers. Using the right set of tools and development techniques thus becomes a necessity for every developer. So you need to make sure that your Drupal developer is capable of handling your project. Here we bring out the qualities to look for while hiring a Drupal developer.

Qualities to Look for in a Drupal Developer

Hiring the right Drupal developer for your project is crucial to the success of your efforts. A good news though may be the availability of plentiful developers in this domain; however, its not always easy to pick the right developer to work on your project. Identifying the right Drupal developer calls for having awareness about the skills that a professional Drupal developer must have.

So, what are the essential qualities that Drupal developers must have ? What skills a potential Drupal developer must have ? A number of roles are pre-defined in the Drupal community yet you need to look for the developer that not only has the skills but the zeal to think & work correctly. First & foremost, the developer should have a fair idea of the Drupal CMS with hands-on experience in using the related tools & technologies.

The developer must have the expertise to manage data interchange between the browser and application. Fair understanding of the programming languages monitoring the content display in browser is also desirable. Besides this, the developer should have knowledge about the security compliance aspect relevant in your geographic location. Strong communications skills and problem solving capability are also must.

Desirable Drupal Developer Skills At a Glance…

Besides having domain specific knowledge, Drupal developer should have a clear understanding of following –

  • Integrating multiple databases into one system
  • Scaling an application or its hosting environment
  • Data migration and Set up of version control system
  • Working with template driven system and multiple delivery platforms
  • PHP and database programming
  • Web development markup languages


Factors that contributes the increasing usage of Declarative Programming in Drupal

Major focus of declarative programming is on describing WHAT and not HOW. It would also be right to say that the web is built on principles of declarative programming. However, Drupal focuses more on how and that’s the main reason why the UI focuses on describing the involved process and not on the final result. Still, there is a good number of reasons that account for most successful Drupal projects being declarative.

Let’s understand the prime factors that contribute to increased usage of Declarative in Drupal.

1. Better, Clearer Code – Currently,diverse approaches are being used to build Drupal websites. However, with a proper standard configuration format, we can have the same type of configuration interfaces. When the developer takes a declarative-first approach for Drupal projects, it enables him create a better, clearer code.

2. More Reusable Solutions – The Drupal open source community has more than 1 million members. It has contributed modules aimed at extending the core capabilities of Drupal. Increased usage of Declarative programming has led to more reusable solutions in the Drupal open source community, that’s a good news indeed for the community members.

A broader world of use cases is available due to declarative forms and so it enables reusing the forms built in the field API or Webform in custom modules. It also makes possible to build or use those forms totally outside Drupal, thus opening doors for form-building tools based on particular workflow.

3. Better Experience for Site Administrator – Site administrators always expect to have a better experience from their Drupal website. However, that may not be possible in case the developer adopts his own approach that is different from the declarative-first approach. Declarative programming renders finer experience for site administrators, thus making it highly preferred for Drupal.

Factors described above indicate the importance of Declarative programming in Drupal. A good news in regard to this is that Declarative is already being used in Drupal by developers. A good number of Drupal developers in India and abroad are already making use of declarative programming in Drupal 8 for configuration. What they need to focus more upon is to see the ways in which they can make use of it on a wider scale.

Points to pay heed to while subscribing to Drupal Development Services

Drupal has been quite a big name in the list of CMS options worldwide. We all know that WordPress is having the highest market share of this industry and so quite a loyal base of users go with it. When it comes to Drupal according to builtwith.com in last quarter it has managed to gain quite a healthy market share as earlier around 53% of the industry share was with WordPress and less than 8% was with Drupal.

Drupal and its surging market share

According to a latest report released by builtwith only Drupal is now the second biggest CMS option with a share of 13.75% and has got 250k new websites using them. WordPress has fallen down to a market share of 42% and this might be the beginning of dominance for Drupla beginning from 2014. Quite of this new loyal fans are coming from enterprise background as White House itself used Drupal for their official website. Must uniqueness comes with its service line-up and hence a sneak peak is mandatory over those.


Another look at the growing popularity

Being said that enterprise level firms are the major ones adopting Drupal, it should also be added not all of them can be coming from that part or else this huge chunk of number would not have formed. In the whole of web 664,214 sites are using Drupal as their favored CMS option and this is just second to WordPress in number.  Builtwith shared this data sheet on the closing phase of 2013 and after that as discussed above quite a lot more sites have added in the list with a rise of marker share. Being discussed about the quality and feature richness of Drupal it’s now time for giving a look over the perks that comes with adopting it in any website or app of choice.


An exciting CMS Makes it Easy

The prime reason for making use of any CMS has been always to get a support which is user-friendly and non-technical. People always want to keep the control of their web site in their own hand and here is the need for CMS. Drupal has its unique share of benefits and hiring a genuine drupal development services offering agency makes one entitled to get those.

  • Abundance of functionality: This one has to be there or else Drupal would not have been able to give tough fight to WordPress. One does get all that he wants with the management part of the site. Features like user management and other integrals parts management such as polls, blogs, etc. does come with it.
  • No limitation over content: All types of content are compatible with the admin panel of Drupal namely textual, video, image, podcast and even statistics.
  • Plugin advantage: Innovation never stops with Drupal as any customization need can be sufficed with the right integration of plugin meant for answering that call.
  • Support: Getting stuck is a part and parcel of any development process and this is most welcome with Drupal community where every kind of knowledge sharing is done for complex development issue solving.

To begin with a project this much information about this highly robust CMS is enough, next thing that you need to do is to find a team and make sure that they have developers – and importantly a point of contact – who listens and understands your requirements and has the right know-how of Drupal.