5 Incredible Benefits of Using Node.js For Web Application Development

The modern innovation continues to invade the business industry, and a large number of startups are joining the group and attempting their routes with the most recent developments. A cut-throat web app development platform, Node.js has not only benefited the new entries as well as supported the enterprise-level companies effectively to make their entire business operation easier, faster and reliable.


What is Node.js?

It is an open source, server-side platform, being used in the development of networking applications. Node.js performs on a non-blocking I/O model that makes it spotless and usable, perfect for the development of real-time applications that need to perform in diversified environments.

Benefits of Node.js in Developing Web Applications

1. The Fast Suite

Organizations are surprised after analyzing the services of Node.js functions. It keeps running on the V8 engine created by Google that utilizes JavaScript into native machine code and works at a superior speed. Node.js saves all the inconvenience linked with shaping separate threads and rather utilizes a single thread. Significant activities in web applications including analyzing or developing the database, network connections can be performed rapidly with this powerful suite.

2. Data Streaming

HTTP request and response are viewed as two separate things, but both of these events are data streams. Node.js supports these features actively and create some of the finest attributes like handling various records at the time of transferring data.

3. Ease of Availability

Due to Node.js, now, JavaScript is available in the browser as well as server side too. Be it the website program or server system, Node.js code runs smoothly and is truly flexible in usage.

4. Real-Time Web Applications

Node.js is here to fabricate real-time web applications in a surprising manner. It is a champion solution in developing multi-user real-time web apps, especially in games and chat applications.

5. Simple Coding

It empowers coders to write JavaScript code for both the server side as well as client end subsequently making it helpful to transfer information between the server and the customer to make the proper co-ordination at the same time.

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Symfony vs Laravel : Which PHP framework to choose?

Website development is really a challenging job and becomes even tiring specially when it is required in the minimum possible time. That is why website development experts, as well as business owners, are more likely to utilize PHP development frameworks. Although, there are various PHP frameworks available, but Symfony and Laravel stand out amongst all of them due to some extraordinary features. This brings in the topic Symfony vs Laravel , Which PHP framework to choose?

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Symfony has great potential and robust features to manage large-scale projects. It is a stable PHP framework that helps the experts to create professional websites that are flexible to constant changing business needs. It can work effectively with the topmost open source platforms such as PHPBB and Drupal.

Some noticeable features of Symfony:

  1. This framework has multiple scalability options. With the help of optimizing tools, you can minimize the number of queries and avoid using temporary arrays. It offers high scalability.
  2. Once you developed your site using this incredible framework, then its speed is the sum of the individual speeds of all the included features. Normally, the execution time of Symfony framework is faster than other available PHP frameworks.
  3. It is truly adaptive and offers optimum level performance. Symfony2 is introduced with HTTP and HTTP cache. Also, it can enhance your website performance by allowing extensive use of advanced features like ESI for separating the various sections of your page or application.
  4. It caters reusable component to decrease overhead expenses. There are many reusable components that can be utilized in the development of a brand new website.


Laravel framework is specially created for the development of MVC based applications. It is an open source PHP framework and world accepted for the finest web development efforts.

Major key benefits of using Laravel framework for website application development:

  1. It helps with enforcing constraints between various database objects with the use of an advanced query builder mechanism. It also offers an effective version control system.
  2. The framework is developed with an auto-loading system and does not require manual maintenance. It also helps in developing advanced tools with the help of an IoC container.
  3. Database authentication is much easier with Laravel framework. You just need to create database migrations, quality controllers, and models to make the system work efficiently.

Conclusion: When finally deciding on the development framework, you must analyze the specific functionality of both these frameworks and understand legitimately how they can be utilized within your own web development assignment. Either you choose Symfony or Laravel, you must hire the PHP development in India and get secure, fruitful, and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Popular Types of Software and Their Usages

Software is a form of written data in code that is transmitted to your computer to perform certain tasks commanded by you. For every program that you wish to run on your computer, there will be a different coded instruction.

These commands will control all the programs that are running on your computer one at a time. Each of these programs has been developed in a way that your computer can comprehend the coding so it can carry out the required tasks.

Application software:

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Application software applications have become an integral part of human lives in today’s world. Various kinds of application software like enterprise software, application suite and educational software have lent their utility in solving our day to day requirements in all kinds of areas. Let us see how much humans can achieve with the aid of application software through an observation of various kinds of software.

Information worker software:

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This particular type of software has been developed for people who want to have organized office information by writing them and managing them. Some of the information worker software include database management, resource management and time management.

Content access software:

Content management System

The content access software, as the name suggests, helps in accessing and retrieving content without the ability to edit any of it. Few instances of this kind of software are media players and web browsers. It is usually useful for people who wish to look up for information on certain files.

Simulation software:

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This kind of software usually finds its use in the aviation industry for flight simulation purposes during the training phase of pilots. However, simulation software is also used for other purposes, such as research work and entertainment as in video games. In the research arena, this software is used by trainee surgeons to perform simulation surgeries and by weather experts for weather observation and forecasts.

And if you have a requirement of getting any such software developed, hiring a software developer from India would be a good proposition.

Why Prestashop is such a Hit among all want to Develop eCommerce Website?

Prestashop is an open source web development language and is a great tool to develop powerful and highly compatible eCommerce websites that extend amazing flexibility in combination with performance security. You will have a steady website that never goes down, works real smooth and is lag-free. A Prestashop powered based website is also be most suitable for powerful web application integration and enabled to render better user experience.

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Why Try Prestashop as an eCommerce Platform?

  • Prestashop eCommerce websites normally have a fast data processing for seamless performance

  • Your Prestashop website will also be compatible with a variety of OS systems – as disparate as Unix and Windows

  • Prestashop websites development code library features a robust syntax resulting in secure design that are easy to use

  • It is also easy to update the website’s content and uploading necessary sales aids to encourage buying

  • A Prestashop website is compatible with hosts such as IIS, Apache etc.

  • Such websites can also handle different data sources like Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and more

  • Web applications developed using AJAX; Flash etc. can be easily integrated with Prestashop to enhance the power of your eCommerce website

  • Prestashop is also suitable for using custom designs on your eCommerce website and doing appropriate branding.

Where to Approach for a Prestashop eCommerce Website Development Solution?

The answer to the above question is easy! You need to Hire a Professional Prestashop development company like SynapseIndia who would thoroughly understand your requirement, and would offer you the solution and services that would suit it better.

An Overview of Indian Software Development in Present Scenario

The digital business era has emerged, our lives have become increasingly inter-connected and inter-dependent. Ever since the term IT outsourcing came into existence, India has always enjoyed the place of being among most preferred location. And why not? India has proved to be an IT leader for more than one reason over the time. Developers here are truly multi-talented and can actually take that extra step to give a software idea the perfect shape it deserves.

Software Development in Indian Companies

The success of an online, or for that matter, even offline business project depends on two major forces. These two contributing forces are web development and software development. Valuable web development is how you can direct your target audience to your business, and software solutions can enhance the business to greater heights.

In your search for professional web and software development services, you would surprisingly be faced with your desired support from a single source – a web design and development company. This company wields the capacity to offer customized web-based services to individuals and companies to fulfill their business needs.

The present day software and web development market has acknowledged India as a highly sought-after destination, owing to a growing number of extremely skilled developers with the capacity to deliver quality solutions under strict deadlines.

This happens to be a vital reason behind India becoming a popular outsourcing hub for various development assignments. Not only is quality guaranteed at the behest of a large talented workforce, but the developers themselves are easy to find since a lot of them operate as freelancers. This way, you could be saving major bucks as freelancers are more economical to hire than regular developers.

Pro-developers here in India offer customized software solutions at their best; which are aimed at catering to an individual organization or a group of companies, without a common program for the mass market. And for doing that, they follow proper software development processes and make the product go through different stages to make it a distinctive one.

And in the year 2014, we have seen the following advantages to rule in the genre of custom software development….

  • Customized software solutions are designed and developed to address the specific requirements of your business ensuring the accomplishment of the primary objectives of your company.

  • People have the freedom to cut down on your operating costs.

  • Getting only the features that were been asked for.

  • Compatible with the available systems at clients’ end and can get support from it, thus ensuring ROI and eliminating any chances of loss.

  • Giving an edge over your competitors.

  • Since the products get designed particularly for an organization, it becomes easier to understand and operate it.

Now although this step isn’t without the possibility of risks, you can ward such hiccups comfortably. Maximum number of customized software development companies design user-oriented programs, which will make sure that your business doesn’t keep from expanding. There are a sizable number of Indian Software Development Companies who are well equipped to give you the best solutions at the best rates.

That’s probably because customized software development in India has become a much practiced discipline, inviting the passion of budding developers who desire to make it big in this much rewarding industry.

10 Steps to Follow before a Drupal Security Release

Drupal being one of the most celebrated CMSs, seldom fails to please developers. With more new features of modern design and coding available in it, the arrival of Drupal’s new version Drupal 7 has enthralled the open source CMS developers and users across the globe.

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Resource: drupal.org

Following are few of the pluses that make Drupal 7 a great choice….

  • The installation process has been simplified. Drupal supports most web servers (Apache is recommended), PHP 5.2.4+, and most databases (MySQL 5.0.15+ is recommended).
  • Drupal 7 is user friendly and thus finding as well as carrying out your daily tasks gets easier once the administrative interface is revamped.
  • Drupal is fast and can handle huge amounts of traffic with better caching and improved JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) optimization.
  • It’s more flexible and thus you can define content structure of your own and add custom fields to the content, comments, users, and so on.
  • Accessibility is better and Drupal now offers semantic web support with RDFa (or Resource Description Framework – in – attributes).
  • Being open source, Drupal receives ongoing betterment from the thousands of productive and smart people working together for enhancing Drupal, themes, modules and distributions.

Finally, go ahead and hit the web using Drupal 7. Thousands of add-on Drupal 7 modules and designs will let you build any site you imagine!

Drupal’s security features are among the bests any CMS can provide. Having said that, let’s now talk about 10 steps to a Drupal Security Release…

What is a Drupal Security Team?

The Drupal security team compares of a group of world’s leading Drupal Development Services and web security experts who make them available (always) on call to help other developers to assess, evaluate and address issues.

Who are Project Maintainers?

Drupal’s active developer community is more than 15,000 strong and includes experts in all areas of today’s web and its technologies. Different maintainers are responsible for different plug-in modules and Drupal’s core.

Who are Drupal Users?

More than 700,000 people running more than 1 million websites, use, test, and improve Drupal on a daily basis. New vulnerabilities are quickly identified and confidentially reported to the Drupal security team.

Now let’s discuss 10 steps to a Drupal Security Release:

1. Vulnerability in code discovered.

2. Issue reported privately to security team.

3. Issue reviewed, potential impact on all supported Drupal release evaluated.

4. If the threat is valid, Security Team mobilized for analysis and notify the maintainer.

5. Security team provides support and maintainers fixes the issue.

6. Fixes reviewed and discussed.

7. Code patches created and tested.

8. New, fixed versions made available on Drupal.org.

9. Security advisory written and published via website, newsletter, RSS, Twitter, social media etc.

10. New versions deployed on all sites.

How to Optimize your WordPress website with dynamic sidebars & widget logic

Those dealing with WordPress may be having a fair idea about dynamic sidebars and widgets. Its not a mandate to hire a WordPress developer for optimizing your WordPress website as the same can be done with help of widget logic and dynamic sidebars.


Using Dynamic Sidebars & Widget Logic  to Optimize WordPress website

Quite small modules or snippets, widgets can be positioned either into the sidebar or in in some other widgetized area straight away from the WordPress website. Its from the backend of WordPress that different standard widgets can be found. A free plugin for WordPress, Widget Logic works with widgets in an exclusive manner. Its a quite handy plugin which when installed adds an additional option for each widget, thereby allowing you to define where should the widget be exactly. You can leverage this amazing tool to have particular content on different parts of your website.

Points to Take Care of While Using Widgets

But there are few things that you must ensure doing prior to using any of the widgets.  Initially, you need to define a specific widget area at any point in your WordPress theme. In your dynamic sidebar, you can make use of normal widgets as many times as possible. You can easily add content as well as HTML code, as per requirement on your widget area by making use of several instances of text widget.

As maximum default widgets are not quite powerful, its not possible to customize them. Also, there are no more options for bespoke CSS classes. In order to position a single image inside sidebar, you can do two things; either use a particular image widget or simply the default text widget. A problem that can arise in this case is that the code generated by the widget will be much more than what’s needed for the image. An effective solution to this is a custom widget.

More development time is needed for an advanced widget compared to what it takes while making use of the same PHP function in the sidebar file. If you require a simple widget only once inside a widget area then you can use a simple code for showing a simple image. Also, there are other solutions available as well that enable you create widget elements of your own. One of these simple methods is to create suitable short code for the HTML structure that you require to have in your sidebar.