5 Incredible Benefits of Using Node.js For Web Application Development

The modern innovation continues to invade the business industry, and a large number of startups are joining the group and attempting their routes with the most recent developments. A cut-throat web app development platform, Node.js has not only benefited the new entries as well as supported the enterprise-level companies effectively to make their entire business operation easier, faster and reliable.


What is Node.js?

It is an open source, server-side platform, being used in the development of networking applications. Node.js performs on a non-blocking I/O model that makes it spotless and usable, perfect for the development of real-time applications that need to perform in diversified environments.

Benefits of Node.js in Developing Web Applications

1. The Fast Suite

Organizations are surprised after analyzing the services of Node.js functions. It keeps running on the V8 engine created by Google that utilizes JavaScript into native machine code and works at a superior speed. Node.js saves all the inconvenience linked with shaping separate threads and rather utilizes a single thread. Significant activities in web applications including analyzing or developing the database, network connections can be performed rapidly with this powerful suite.

2. Data Streaming

HTTP request and response are viewed as two separate things, but both of these events are data streams. Node.js supports these features actively and create some of the finest attributes like handling various records at the time of transferring data.

3. Ease of Availability

Due to Node.js, now, JavaScript is available in the browser as well as server side too. Be it the website program or server system, Node.js code runs smoothly and is truly flexible in usage.

4. Real-Time Web Applications

Node.js is here to fabricate real-time web applications in a surprising manner. It is a champion solution in developing multi-user real-time web apps, especially in games and chat applications.

5. Simple Coding

It empowers coders to write JavaScript code for both the server side as well as client end subsequently making it helpful to transfer information between the server and the customer to make the proper co-ordination at the same time.

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Why ASP.NET is the Top Choice for Providing a Revolutionary Web Experience

Every business has its own specific objective and that’s why there is no fixed strategy to create competitive websites. Subtle marketing strategy, aesthetic website design, and mobile-oriented website development process are vital elements for the accomplishment of your business sites. Consequently, when you are looking forward to develop websites for startups, it is truly imperative to pick the finest web development solution for your business.

Identifying the Right Platform for Web Development Needs

As per the recent market reports, more than 85% of the Internet users feel that a business website should offer similar experiences on their smart devices as on their desktop PCs. This observation reveals how website responsiveness has become the turnkey factor to achieve a huge mass of traffic. Moreover, brilliant performance, endless powerful functionality, and visually appealing solution are major factors that empower your business to build a distinct niche over the web. This is the place, where ASP.NET web development fits perfectly.

Benefits of ASP.NET enabled web development services:

Powered by Microsoft technology, ASP.NET is an open source and feature rich server-side scripting language. This language offers immense opportunity to create highly responsive, and dynamic web pages. Some of the vital reasons for its popularity include:

1. It ensures highly reliable & adaptable web designing and development services. You just need to hire the proficient ASP.NET development company in India for the best results.

2. When high quality, strategic web applications are all that you want to create, ASP.NET solution offers the time-tested result.

3. Developing your online presence by the professional support of a leading ASP.NET web development agency will help you achieve a fully functional and scalable business website.

4. In spite of the challenges & mind boggling tasks involved in the project, the ASP.NET developer will help you create competitive business websites within the stipulated time frame.

Offers Brilliant Opportunities for Emerging Businesses

From small scale business to enterprise level solutions, you should always look for powerful functionality blended with an engaging user experience delivery. This is highly important for customer acquisition and brand recognition. With the most reputed ASP.NET Web Development Company, SynapseIndia, clients can get their customized needs implemented in the most promising manner.

Migrating to Kentico CMS: A Step by Step Approach

Kentico is a robust web content management system for developing world class websites and feature-rich online stores. It uses ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server and allows custom-made development via its portal engine or Visual Studio. If you are looking forward to develop a brand new CMS with extraordinary features, you should hire Kentico CMS Development Company in India. They will not only develop a fabulous store but also help you devise a seamless approach to migrate from any CMS into Kentico.


Migrating data from another platform to Kentico CMS is quite easy, but the migration approach can be changed on the basis of the source. Let’s see step by step process that will aid you in planning your CMS migration:

1. Analyze the website content: Analyze the existing website content extensively and determine the content types, quantity, patterns, and the complexities. It will support you define your migration approach actively.

2. Architect the Site: The following step is architect the site in Kentico environment. From the page types to web parts, modules to media, aliasing structure to page tree everything you should identify actively and then make an architecture document.

3. Mapping the Content: Create a mapping document actively that maps the fields in the source node with the corresponding fields in the destination node.

4. Migration Approach: Create a list for the contents that are to be migrated manually or with the help of an automated system.

5. Develop Custom Scripts: Even the tools are highly effective in order to migrate content, you need to develop custom scripts using Kentico API’s to exactly meet the specific requirements. Professionals at SynapseIndia have large years of expertise to understand the importance of these vital tools and leverage them to migrate content in the most proficient manner.

6. Gap Data Migration: This is the last but important step. While the data migration is in the process, you might be added additional content to the live site. And the Gap data migration supports you migrating those newly introduced items and managing a mapping table effectively.

To Enhance Your Business Success Chances, Hire A Proficient Web Development Company

In this digital world, it is truly important for every business owner to create a robust online presence. A solid online identity has amazing ability to grab the attention of organic visitors to their site. And you know very well, every website merchant has a primitive objective to increase the number of visitors on their site exponentially. More visitors means more sales conversion. So, whatever sort of business you have, you need to create an interactive website development solution with stunning features. So, it is always good to shake hands with a leading web development company in India, offering custom-made end-to-end solutions by adjoining their domain experience, technical innovativeness, and profound knowledge of the latest industry trends. A reputable web development service provider has a unique approach to provide top notch solutions vigorously.


Development strategy: A proficient web development company follows a powerful product development procedure. They determine the feasibility and efficiency of each approach in order to provide custom-made web development solutions that offer the highest quality output with competitive cost.

Domain expertise: A leading web development company can provide a diverse range of information technology services that address the technology expectations of companies in various business verticals whether it is related to education, advertising, finance, healthcare, media, wireless technology or non-profit organizations.

Customer centric approach: Every professional web development company follow the business-centric approach and put their top-notch efforts in a promising manner. Being a professional web development service provider, they follow the business-driven practices to serve their clients efficiently.

Reputation in web development world: A well-developed website can do miraculous things for your business. Before hiring your web development partner, you should ensure the reliability and authenticity of the service provider. Go through their portfolios, and customer reviews and feedbacks. These things will help you hire a perfect web development company.

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Xamarin Offers Robust Solutions for All Mobile App Development Platforms

In today’s world of various amazing mobile apps, there are two major platforms – Android and iOS. Both these platforms have customers globally and one thing is very common about the mobile app users, they always prefer cool apps for their various objectives. And it would be very nice to develop native apps for everyone and save valuable time as well as huge investment behind the development of platform specific app. This is the perfect place where Xamarin app development company India can provide you a robust and handy solution.


Xamarin allows the development of native apps for both iOS and Android Platforms

Android and iOS are the two most demanded mobile app development platforms: Xamarin platform allows both these platforms to easily share the core code and language. The Xamarin platform lets you develop completely native mobile apps for all the famous platforms with a shared codebase. It will significantly save your precious time and valuable money. Apps developed using Xamarin platform not only offers a native look, but it also provides native performance efficiently.

Building UI code: Usually, there are two major approaches for developing UI for your mobile app. The first approach is to develop user interface code for multiple platforms you anticipate, and then develop the complete business logic effectively.

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android: Xamarin’s components like Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android can be used efficiently in the development of native iOS or Android. It makes accessible native APIs, and help you use your existing Java code & Objective-C with extremely advanced features and more.

Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio: Xamarin platform is built with robust IDEs for developing, analyzing, debugging, and sharing apps. Visual Studio is especially for Windows while Xamarin Studio is completely dedicated for iOS.

Xamarin Test Cloud: Every innovation should be time tested. Xamarin platform proffers 2000+ mobile devices in the cloud and various powerful tools to cater automated testing process.

Most Considerable Factors To Find The Perfect WordPress Development Company

Initially launched as a blogging platform, WordPress has now become one of the finest CMS solutions. The WordPress platform is loaded with numerous powerful smart plug-ins, business driven features & offer amazing benefits to the website owners. Therefore WordPress is one of the best options for those looking forward to build and powerful and dynamic content management system. Globally, businesses are adopting WordPress for all-purpose websites.


Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is an open source platform, so you don’t have to pay a dime. This ensures that your website development project would be accomplished at a reasonable cost.

It is a dynamic platform having 30,000+ smart plug-ins that can enrich your website with various amazing features.

The platform is quite popular. So, you can hire WordPress professionals without the investment of your valuable time and cost. They can do wonders on this platform.

The platform is browser-based. So, you can manage your website from any computer having the internet connection.

The WordPress platform can work as the engine for your website. You can change the look and feel of the website as per the need of your business and shine your brand globally.

If you are looking forward to make use of WordPress as your preferred CMS, then you should observe these points before the hiring of WordPress website development services in India.

1. Experience in the platform: The most desirable output from a web development company on your project depends on the highest degree of their expertise. It is good to explore the projects they have done earlier and figure out their support & solution from your point of view. In order to implement your customize needs and best practices, you need to hire a perfect WordPress website development company having great experience in this arena.

2. Technology and strategies: It is quite imperative to find out whether the company you hire is employing the advanced technology & tools or not. The company you contract for your project development needs must be well acquainted with the platforms like PHP, MY-SQL, CSS, XML and HTML5. All these languages and programs are very much required for a feature rich WordPress powered website Development.

3. Industry reputation: It is really important to see that the software development company you hire is enjoying a leading market reputation. The track record of the software development company shall let you know how much you can depend on the organization for the desired outcomes you anticipate from the project.

4. Customer support: It matters. A perfect web development company should be accountable to their clients round a clock as well as interact with the existing clients in the most professional way.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Feature-Rich Laravel PHP Framework

Developing a full-fledged website is the basic need of every business owner. No one can cover global market without a strong global presence. A business-driven website is the perfect blend of solid strategy, powerful web development technology, and brilliant efforts of industry professionals. A perfect selection of website development platform is always vital in order to develop business-centric and user-friendly website. Laravel is one of the most popular and the world accepted PHP frameworks. Choosing the Laravel framework for creating a wonderful site is really a wise decision as it has several benefits.

 Laravel Web Development Company

1. Developing an Authentication process easily: The Laravel framework makes implementing the authentication very simple & developer-friendly. Everything is configured out-of-the-box, and developers will be able to provide state-of-the-art solution with their best possible efforts.

2. Great Integration with Mail Services: Usually mail services can be utilized in order to send notifications to the users’ after every event. Laravel framework offers a clean and powerful API over the famous SwiftMailer library. It also caters robust solution for SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES, and “sendmail”, that empowers an application to send mail through a local or cloud-based service.

3. Integration with robust Tools for developing Web Applications Faster: In this digital era, it is not only important to create a feature-rich application, but it is also vital to create a fast application in an efficient way, which will finally result in exponential ROI. Laravel framework supports the powerful cache backends like Memcached and Redis. The Laravel framework is well configured to use the file cache driver effectively, which dynamically stores cached components in the specific file system. Additionally, this framework empowers developers to configure various cache configurations effectively.

4. Configuration Error and Exceptional Handling process: Some small errors on your website can harm your business drastically. It does not only negatively impact on user satisfaction, but also decrease the number of website traffic on your site. Data-entry forms are one of the most common places where bugs are spotted and analyzed just after click a Submit Button. To reduce hidden errors on the website Laravel platform is integrated with Monolog logging library method. It supports efficiently to minimize the errors on the site.

5. Automation Testing Work: Testing is a crucial part of any successful software development & deployment. Laravel Web Development Company can ensure that the developed software or application will perform efficiently without any crashes, or bugs as well as fulfill the client needs efficiently. Laravel supports automated testing process. It does not only save your precious time but also offer you more accurate result than manual testing.