Top 5 Benefits of Using Feature-Rich Laravel PHP Framework

Developing a full-fledged website is the basic need of every business owner. No one can cover global market without a strong global presence. A business-driven website is the perfect blend of solid strategy, powerful web development technology, and brilliant efforts of industry professionals. A perfect selection of website development platform is always vital in order to develop business-centric and user-friendly website. Laravel is one of the most popular and the world accepted PHP frameworks. Choosing the Laravel framework for creating a wonderful site is really a wise decision as it has several benefits.

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1. Developing an Authentication process easily: The Laravel framework makes implementing the authentication very simple & developer-friendly. Everything is configured out-of-the-box, and developers will be able to provide state-of-the-art solution with their best possible efforts.

2. Great Integration with Mail Services: Usually mail services can be utilized in order to send notifications to the users’ after every event. Laravel framework offers a clean and powerful API over the famous SwiftMailer library. It also caters robust solution for SMTP, Mandrill, Amazon SES, and “sendmail”, that empowers an application to send mail through a local or cloud-based service.

3. Integration with robust Tools for developing Web Applications Faster: In this digital era, it is not only important to create a feature-rich application, but it is also vital to create a fast application in an efficient way, which will finally result in exponential ROI. Laravel framework supports the powerful cache backends like Memcached and Redis. The Laravel framework is well configured to use the file cache driver effectively, which dynamically stores cached components in the specific file system. Additionally, this framework empowers developers to configure various cache configurations effectively.

4. Configuration Error and Exceptional Handling process: Some small errors on your website can harm your business drastically. It does not only negatively impact on user satisfaction, but also decrease the number of website traffic on your site. Data-entry forms are one of the most common places where bugs are spotted and analyzed just after click a Submit Button. To reduce hidden errors on the website Laravel platform is integrated with Monolog logging library method. It supports efficiently to minimize the errors on the site.

5. Automation Testing Work: Testing is a crucial part of any successful software development & deployment. Laravel Web Development Company can ensure that the developed software or application will perform efficiently without any crashes, or bugs as well as fulfill the client needs efficiently. Laravel supports automated testing process. It does not only save your precious time but also offer you more accurate result than manual testing.