Xamarin Offers Robust Solutions for All Mobile App Development Platforms

In today’s world of various amazing mobile apps, there are two major platforms – Android and iOS. Both these platforms have customers globally and one thing is very common about the mobile app users, they always prefer cool apps for their various objectives. And it would be very nice to develop native apps for everyone and save valuable time as well as huge investment behind the development of platform specific app. This is the perfect place where Xamarin app development company India can provide you a robust and handy solution.


Xamarin allows the development of native apps for both iOS and Android Platforms

Android and iOS are the two most demanded mobile app development platforms: Xamarin platform allows both these platforms to easily share the core code and language. The Xamarin platform lets you develop completely native mobile apps for all the famous platforms with a shared codebase. It will significantly save your precious time and valuable money. Apps developed using Xamarin platform not only offers a native look, but it also provides native performance efficiently.

Building UI code: Usually, there are two major approaches for developing UI for your mobile app. The first approach is to develop user interface code for multiple platforms you anticipate, and then develop the complete business logic effectively.

Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android: Xamarin’s components like Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android can be used efficiently in the development of native iOS or Android. It makes accessible native APIs, and help you use your existing Java code & Objective-C with extremely advanced features and more.

Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio: Xamarin platform is built with robust IDEs for developing, analyzing, debugging, and sharing apps. Visual Studio is especially for Windows while Xamarin Studio is completely dedicated for iOS.

Xamarin Test Cloud: Every innovation should be time tested. Xamarin platform proffers 2000+ mobile devices in the cloud and various powerful tools to cater automated testing process.